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Subject 1: Yes
Everyone can study

Because it was given to all the people, not just to men. Therefore, everyone should have the opportunity to learn from its wisdom.


Subject 2: Yes
Required to learn Torah

It's not only required to learn Torah, but we are required to teach it to our children. Examples: keeping a kosher home, shomer Shabbat, raising the children according to Torah. Cleaning appropriately for Pesach, we keep bodies covered. Without Torah we wouldn't know how I do these things. It's the ultimate self help book for women and men.


Subject 3: Yes
Everyone can study

The Torah is open to everyone, and it is important for women to learn as well as men


Subject 4: Yes
Everyone has the option

Everyone should have the choice to study the Torah, but the choice to actually study the Torah is up to them.


Subject 5: yes
Torah is for everyone

It's Torah, Torah is for everyone


Subject 8: yes
Everyone has the option

Everyone should have the right to study and learn something of their religion


Subject 10: yes
Everyone should study

Because is good for everyone who want to study Torah, for them to be able to study it. And i don't think that Elohim is ok with women not to study. i think that he wants all of us to study it.


Subject 14: yes
They should

There is ample historical precedent, and it's a moot point, they do already. It's a matter of prioritizing personal time to do so.


Subject 6: Yes



Subject 7: yes
Do anything

Everyone can believe and do whatever they want as long as they are not harming themselves or others


Subject 9: no
No because they have to follow the mans orders

Because the women have to do whatever the man says and so they may have different perspectives


Subject 11: yes
Men's decision for women to study

I think they should have the opportunity to study the Torah, but also men are the ones in head of the house he is the one to make the choice if she would be able to study the Torah or not.


Subject 12: yes
Because you can read

Yes, because why not, they can read too.


Subject 13: yes