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A-7A cargo sling weight and components

- 8 lbs
- (x4 EA) A-7A cargo sling, D ring


Maximum weight for A series container rigged with two, three, and four A-7A cargo straps and D rings

- x2: 90-300 lbs
- x3: 300-400 lbs
- x4: 400-500 lbs


What does the acronym SDDG mean

Shippers declaration for dangerous goods

- attaches to personnel load manifest when hazardous material is present


Maximum dimensions for A series container

30 inches wide, 66 inches high, 48 inches deep to include the cargo parachute


A-21 cargo bag weight and components

- 18 lbs
- Canvas cover, sling assembly with scuff pad, o-ring straps, quick release assembly (safety fork and lanyard, turn to unlock, strike/press to release)


T-10 modified cargo parachute weight and dimensions

- 21 lbs
- 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, 6 inches deep