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Give 3 effects of the war

- The export trade had been ruined by the British Blockade
- National debt had risen to 250 billion marks
- Germans who invested in war bonds lost their life savings
- German soldiers allowed to return home in uniform carrying weapons


Who gave the bigger threat, left or right, and why?

Right- nationalists who despised the new democracy


What was the main impact from the revolutionary left?

It deflected the attention away from the more serious threat of the right.


What view was taken on by people due to the threat of revolution?

Many began to believe that the Weimar Republic was based on weak government and should therefore be replaced


When was the Spartacist Uprising?

January 1919


Where did the National Assembly meet in 1919 and why?

Weimar, it was believed it was too dangerous to be held in Berlin


How many states was the Reich made up of?

18 states (Lander)


Describe the layout of the new Parliament

Consists of two houses:
- Reichsrat which had the power to delay laws, members chosen by the parliaments of the Lander
- Reichstag, elections take place every four years


When was the Treaty of Versailles presented to the German government, and what was the initial reaction?

May 1919, originally refused to sign it


Why did the German government agree to the treaty?

They were threatened by Military action


Give the terms of the Treaty of Versailles

B- The germans had to receive the blame for the war
L- Germany was forced to give away some of her land
A- German army was restricted
R- The German's had to pay £6.6 million for war damages
E- The German Empire was completely taken away


When did French and Belgian troops leave the Ruhr?

January 1925


When was the Munich Putsch and how many Nazis were involved?

November 9th 1923. 3000 Nazis marched on Munich


Give three reasons why the Munich Putsch failed

- Hitler delayed too long
- The Bavarian leaders were allowed to escape
- There was little real sympathy for the Nazis


Give two results of the Munich Putsch

- Gave good propaganda to the Nazis
- Nazis realised they could not come to power by violence alone