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A person, whose eyes has a lens-to-retina distance of 2.0 cm, can only see objects that are closer than 1.0 m away. What is the strength of the person’s eye lens? Use the thin-lens equation (1/O + 1/I = S)

A: -50 D

B: -10 D

C: 51 D

D: 55 D

 C or 51 D.

Strength of the eye lens is equal to the inverse of the focal length of the eye lens. The object value is 1.0 and the image value is .02. (1/1) + (1/50) = 51 D


Which of the following will decrease the percentage ionization of 1.0 M acetic acid, CH3CO2H(aq)?

A: Chlorinating the CH3 group

B: Diluting the solution

C: Adding concentrated HCL(aq)

D: Adding a drop of basic indicator

C, Adding HCL.


HCL is a strong acid and as such, will increae the amount of H+ in soln and thus decrease the percentage of CH3CO2H that ionizs. This is an application of Le Chatelier’s principle to acids-> adding a strong acid to a solution of weak acid will decrease the amount of ionization of the weak acid.





The intensity of the radiation emitted by the oxygen sensor is directly proportional to the :

A: propragation speed of the radiation

B: wavelength of the radiation

C: polarization of photons emitted

D: number of photons emitted

D Number of Photons emitted.

Energy of EM radiation is directly portional to the # of protons, and the intensity of EM is defined as energy emitted per unit time.  


What exponent is represented by T?

By G?

By M? 

Tera = 1012

Giga = 109

Mega = 106 


Which type of bond links units of glucose in glycogen?


Which type of bond links chains of glycogen within glycogen?

Alpha 1-4 glycosidic bonds link glucose molecules.


Alpha 1-6 link chains 


Which measurement unit cannot be used to measure power?

A: kg * m2*s2

B: J*s-1

C: ft*lb*s-1

D: W

A: kg * m2*s2


The traditional unit for power is Watt, which is equal to Joules * second-1.

One joule equals one ft * one lb, and per second is second-1.



How many fused rings are in cholesterol?

A: 1

B: 2

C: 4

D: 6

C 4 


What do transcription factors bind?




DNA. They bind and promote transcription with DNA polymerases! 


The initial filtration step in the glomerulus of the mammalian kidney occurs primarily by:

A: passive flow due to pressure difference

B: passive flow resulting from a countercurrent exchange system

C: active transport of water, followed by movement of electrolytes along a resulting concentration gradient

D: active transport of electrolytes, followed by a passive flow of water along the resulting osmolarity gradient. 

A: passive flow due to a pressure difference.


The initial filtration occurs as blood pressure forces the fluid from the glomerulus into the lumen of Bowman’s capsule. 


A: A bond between the phosphate of the thymine and the phosphate of adenine

B: A bond between an oxygen in the thymine base and a nitrogen in the thymine base

C: A bond between the phosphate of the thymine and the sugar of adenine.

D: A bond between the phosphate of the adenine and the sugar of thymine 

A bond between the phosphate of the adenine and the sugar of thymine 


Nucleotides are linked to each other by phosphodiester bonds between the sugar base of one nucleotide and the phosphate group of the adjacent nucleotide in a way that the 5' end bears phosphate, an the 3' end bears a hydroxyl 


Harlequin ichthyosis, a rare genetic disorder, causes the skin to become thick and scaly. Flaking skin behind the eyelids of individuals with this condition is most likely to damage which structure of the eye?

A: Chorioid

B: Cornea

C: Lens




The cornea is in direct contact with the eyelid and is thus most succeptible to damage from flaking skin.


Sound-induced vibrations depolarize hair cells of the cochlea by opening ion channels that are gated in what way?

A: Chemically

B: Mechanically

C: Electrically

D: Synaptically


Hair cells are specialized mechanoreceptors. 


Suppose squares 1, 2, 3, and 4, moving from left to right at the top of the grid light up and some participants think “top row lights up first” to remember the sequence. Which process is most likely being used to enhance working memory capacity? 

A: Divided Attention

B: Priming

C: Automatic Processing

D: Chunking

B: Priming

The participants are organizing single unit squares into longer rows in order to help them incorporate the information better into their working memory.


Define and provide an example of role strain and role conflict

Role Strain is the tension that arises due to competing demands placed on a single role. The classic example provided is a busy mother who has to simultaneously cook food in the mornings, clean, and prepare her children otherwise for school.

Role conflict is a tension between two roles. For example, a father may be the coach for a little league time. He may feel competing duties to his son vs. the rest of the time in regards to how much attention to give each, etc...