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AC motor operation

Rotating magnetic field from 3 phase AC fed into the stator

Magnetic field turns with each AC phase - spins a rotor


Squirrel cage

Aluminium with steel on the outside

Electromagnet when rotated - reinforced by the steel


Why will the rotor move slower than the stator

One has to move faster than the other to induce relative movement to produce an electro magnetic field

Asynchronous motor

Diff in speed = slip speed


If a loss of phase occurs on a AC motor

Running - motor will continue to run at a reduced speed but may overheat

Not running - machine will not start and fuses/CBs will blow in the other 2 phases


Spilt phase motor

Capacitor in an AC circuit delays the voltage by 90*

Capacitor spilts the relationship between voltage and current

Rotates at a less smoother rate


3 phase synchronous motor and what is required

Rotor moves at the speed of the induced AC stator

Pony motor is required to speed it up to the correct speed and then it locks on