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A transformer allows you to

Convert from one voltage to another

Allows the passing of AC while blocking DC


Turn ratio formula - transformers

Vs/Vp = Ns/Np


How does a step up transformer work

Increases the voltage by increasing the amount of coils around the soft iron core


Step up transformer has more turns

On the secondary than the primary

Step down - more on the primary than the secondary


Auto transformer

Different points you can pick of the required voltage

E.g desk fan buttons for variable speed


Variable transformer

Dial to control voltage

E.g electric train set speed controller


Current transformer (ring transformer)

Allows you to measure the amps with a little amount of weight - less packaging

Hoop with coils around it, wire with the current through the centre


Transformer rectifier unit

Transformer and a rectifier at the same time

Converts AC to DC

Cooling fan for when the battery is charged - energy is dissipated as heat


Rotary inverter

DC motor rotating on a AC generator

Magnet spins in an AC generator