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NG tube insertion.
a) Measurement
b) Ask the patient to...?
c) Checking it is in the right place as it goes in
d) Confirming gastric insertion
e) Indications for NG tubes
f) Contraindications

a) Nose, to ear lobe, to 5cm below xiphisternum
b) Swallow as you insert
c) Inspect mouth
d) Aspirate gastric contents; test pH (< 5.5); if uncertainty, perform CXR
f) Basilar skull fracture!!!, ?trauma, anatomical abnormality


Nasopharyngeal airway.
a) Indications
b) Measurement of length and diameter
c) When inserting, point bevel towards...?

b) Length (nose to angle of jaw), diameter (just smaller than largest nostril; ?little finger diameter)
c) Nasal septum