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When working with a client who is in the preparation stage of change, which of the following would be most appropriate?

A. Advise the client of the many benefits of making their desired change and create steps for the client to take to achieve success.

B. Collaborate with the client to create a plan that outlines clear action steps and moves the client towards their intended goal.

Comment A. or B. below.

B because the client is in the preparation stage so you would want to create a plan of action.


During McGill’s Torso Muscular Endurance Test Battery, your client holds the right-side bridge for 25 seconds and the left-side bridge for 27 seconds. Is this client at risk for low-back pain?

Yes, the client is at risk of lower back pain
25/27= 0,93

The balance score perimeter is between 0,95 and 1,05


One of the pillars of emotional intelligence is the ability to correctly identify the emotions of one’s self and others. What is this skill called?

Self- awareness

Define as the ability to identify the emotions of oneself and others accurately


A group fitness class participant is using the talk test to gauge her workout intensity. During the conditioning segment of the class, she notices that she can still respond to the instructor’s questions, but that talking has become difficult. What exercise intensity is she working at?

Moderate to vigorous
Zone 1 is low to moderate exercise below VT1. Can talk comfortably
Zone 2 is moderate to vigorous intensity exercise from VT1 to just below VT2. Talking is challenging but still possible
Zone 3 is vigorous to very vigorous intensity exercise at or above VT2. Cannot talk comfortably


A personal trainer has a new client perform a bend and lift screen and notices that he has difficulty keeping his heels on the ground during the lowering phase when observed from a sagittal view. Which of the following would be MOST appropriate to include the client’s initial workout to address this compensation?

Standing calf stretch


Which type of motivation is displayed when an individual participates in an activity because they see it as something that is part of their self-concept?

Integrated regulation. Individuals behaviours and related goals become integrated into one’s self concept.


An individual sets a goal to lose 10 pounds in 2.5 months. He consistently burns 300 calories a day through exercise. What additional daily caloric deficit is most appropriate to reach this goal?

200 calories


While conducting the Thomas test with a client, you observe that the back of the client’s thigh does not touch the table, but the knee does flex to 80 degrees. Tightness in which muscle is most likely causing this limitation?



Which of the following is an example of a SMART goal?

A. To lose 25 pounds for my sister’s wedding in two months, I will lift weights three days per week.

B. To lower my blood pressure, I will lose 10 pounds by walking two miles at a moderate pace, four days per week, for the next six weeks.

Comment below with your answer choice of A or B. Stay tuned for the video response!



A 35-year-old female has a resting heart rate of 64 bpm. To increase cardiorespiratory fitness, her goal is to work at 75% of her heart rate reserve (HRR). What is her target heart rate at this exercise intensity?



Which proprioceptor is responsible for causing a reflexive contraction known as the stretch reflex?



What repetition range would be considered most appropriate for muscular endurance?

12-15 reps


According to the 2018 ACSM Pre-Participation Guidelines, would a regular exerciser who is asymptomatic for a known metabolic disease, require medical clearance for moderate intensity exercise?



An individual who is sedentary says, “I see value in exercise, but I am not ready to get started.” What stage of change are they in?