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What is the Brönsted Lowry definition of a base?

A proton acceptor
(Can coordinate bond with protons)


What is the difference between strong acids and weak acids?

Strong acids donate all of their protons in aq solution whereas weak acids only donate some (in dynamic equilibrium)


In the dynamic equilibrium of ethanoic acid, what species(') acts as a base?

H2O in the forward reaction (-> H3O+) and CH3COO- in the backwards reaction


What is the definition of pH?


Or the concentration of H+(aq) ions in a solution


What is Ka measured in?



Is Ka big or small with weak acids?

Small- little dissociation occurs


In buffer solutions, what happens when you add an acid?

Concentration of H+ increases, so the reversible reaction shifts to the left, removing H+ ions by reaction with Ch3COO-


In buffer solutions, what happens when you add a base?

It reacts with H+ ions so their conc decreases
Eq shifts to the right so more H+ are released from the acid


When a buffer has equal concentrations of salt an acidic what is [H+] ?

[H+] is equal to the Ka for the acid


When calculating the pH of buffers, what do you assume?

That all the salt dissociates but none of the acid dissociates.