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Give examples of bases

KOH - potassium hydroxide
NaOH- sodium hydroxide
NH3 - ammonia


What does the bronstead- Lowry theory say

Acids donate H+( proton doner)
Bases accept H+(proton acceptors)


A solution of a base has

A greater OH- than and acid solution


What are the four equations if producing salts?

Metal + acid - salt + hydrogen
Acid + base - salt + water
Acid + alkali - salt + water
Acid + metal carbonate - salt + carbon dioxide + water


What is a salt?

Compound produces when H+ is replaced by a metal or and ammonium ion (NH4+)


What is a cation?

A positive ion


What is an anion?

A negative ion


What is the method for finding the concentration in a titration?

Write a balanced equation
Calculate mol of acid
How many moles of alkali neutralised
Work out concentration


What is the equation for percentage error?

Number of reading x error
Quantity measure
X 100


What does hydrated mean?

A salt that contains water within its structure


What is meant by efflorescent?

Water can be lost to the atmosphere changing the molar mass


What does deliquescent mean ?

It can absorb water from the atmosphere


How can you use a standard solution with. Known concentration to make a further standard concentration by diluting with water?

1. Divide the concentration of the solution you want by the one you have
2. Multiply the volume of the new solution to give the volume of the concentrates solution to use
3. Subtract this volume from the total volume you want giving the volume of water to use


What is a standard solution?

A solution with a precisely known concentration
Made by dissolving a known amount of solid in a known amount of distilled water to create a known concentration


What is a hazard of titrations?

Unknown concentration which could be corrosive


Give some examples of acids

HCL - hydrochloric acid
HNO3 - nitric acid
H2SO4 - sulfuric acid
CH3COOH - ethanoic acid