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Muscle tone is a result of nerve innervation. When the nervous system is overstimulated, the muscle will become ______________, which puts the muscle in a ____________ position.
Eventually, this leads to the formation of a __________________.

Hypertonic, contracted, trigger point.


The trigger point leads to______________________, which causes ____________, and then creates a metabolite called _____________________.

Muscle spasm, ischemia, lactic acid.


Muscle tone is produced by muscular systems.
True or false?

The nervous system is responsible for muscle tone.


Trigger points have unpredictable patterns. True or false?

False. Trigger points have predictable patterns.


Trigger point are located either in musculotendinous junction or within the muscle belly. True or false?

False. Triggerpoints are always located within the muscle belly.


Triggerpoints create pain that is referred to distant patients within the body. True or false?

True. This is called referral pain.


Active trigger points are always painful/only painful when palpated and always have referred pain/only sometimes painful.

Active trigger points are always painful and always have referred pain.


Latent triggerpoints are always painful/only painful when palpated and always have referred pain/sometimes have pain.

Latent triggerpoints are only painful when palpated and are only sometimes painful.


Massage therapists can promote the healing process by causing small amounts of controlled inflammation. True or false?



Massage therapists cannot treat the pain if they cannot eliminate the reasons that cause inflammation.
True or false?



When the right quadratus lumborum is too tight, the body will adapt/compensate/decompensate to maintain the balance and a level head posture by creating a functional scoliosis.



Nerve entrapment is a mechanical/neurological dysfunction that manifests as pain paresthesia, or both.



Nerve entrapment is caused by problems in the nerve itself.
True or false?

False. Compression on the nerve is caused by tissues other than the nerve being compressed.


The small degree of contraction that is present while the muscle is it rest is called _____________.

Muscle tone.


What is ischemia?

Ischemia is the lack of blood to an area.


What happens when there is no fresh blood to an area?

The system is not flushing metabolites.


In the pain triangle, pain makes muscles go into ___________, which causes the muscles to become ___________. It then produces a metabolite called _______________.
Eventually, the build up of the metabolite causes _________.

Spasm, ischemic, lactic acid, pain.


Muscle torsion causes muscles to become ischemic.
True or false?

False. Muscle spasm causes ischemia.


The lack of essential nutrients in one's diet can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies which can cause hypertonicity/hypotonicity, muscle torsion/muscle spasm, and generalized body pain.

Hypertonicity, muscle spasm.


When we are stressed, the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system is activated.
It makes our muscles become hypertonic/hypotonic.

Sympathetic, hypertonic.


How does stress cause muscles to produce lactic acid?

Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system, which causes muscles to become hypertonic. Hypertonic muscles goes into spasm, which causes muscles to become ischemic, resulting in the buildup of lactic acid, which then results in pain.


Relaxation massage can reduce muscle tone and then reduce stress, and vice versa. Why?

Relaxation massage can reduce muscle tone because it decreases action potentials sent to the cerebrum from the muscles. Muscle relaxation relaxes the brain and vice versa.


Stretch reflex: agonist muscle contracts/relaxes; antagonist muscle contracts/relaxes.

Agonist muscle contracts; antagonist muscle relaxes.


GTO: agonist muscle contracts/relaxes; too much tension is detected at the tendon.

Agonist muscle relaxes; too much tension is detected at the tendon.


The primary massage technique that uses the stretch reflex is called stripping. True or false?

False. The primary massage technique that uses the stretch reflex is called stretching.


Name the proprioceptive receptor for the stretch reflex, its location, and what it monitors.

Muscle spindles are located in the skeletal muscle belly and monitors stretch of a muscle and its rate of change in length.


Name the proprioceptive receptor for GTO's, their location, and what is monitored.

The gold G tendon organs are located in the musculotendinous this junction; they detect muscle tension.


Which two techniques slightly stretch the muscle, stimulate the release of histamine, and bring blood into the muscle?

Stripping and cross fiber massage.


Which technique pies deep fast frictions to the muscle and causes an acute inflammatory response?

Cross fiber friction.


Which technique stimulates the production of collagen that helps heal the tendon or ligament?

Cross fiber friction.