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Bosola to old women

" you come from a painting"
"she resembled a abortive hedgehog"

-He is being insulting, he think women are untrustworthy and deceptive


animistic imagery

" the fat of serpents, spawn of snakes, Jew's spittle"
" dead pigeon"



semantic field of pregnancy

" she pukes"
"her stomach seethes"
"the fins of her eyelids look most teeming blue"

"I have brought some apricots"


cardinal to Julia

"the selfsame tears will fall into your husbands bosom"


cardinal to Ferdinand

"why do you make yourself so wild a tempest"


Ferdinand's thoughts about Duchess

"my imagination will carry me to see her in the shameful act of sin"
"strong thighed bargeman"
"it is some sin in us heaven doth revenge by her"