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Act 4 scene 1


The three witches and Hecate they are creating a potion and chant a spell. One of the witches senses evil coming near them (Macbeth) he demands to speak the witches. The witches show Macbeth three visions which are apparitions.
The first one is of a man in armour saying to beware Macduff
The second one is of a bloody child that says that Macbeth will not be threatened by anyone who was not born from a woman
The third one is a child holding a tree who explains that he will not be defeated until a wood moves to his castle.
Macbeth is happy as thinks that he will not be defeated and asks the witches of Banquo’s sons will ever be kings he is shown a vision of Banquo’s descendants who are kings.
Macbeth is told Macduff is in England he decides to act on this and sends soldiers to kill all of Macduff’s family


Act 4 scene 2


Macduff’s family is killed


Act 4 scene 3


Military camp in England. Macduff joins forces with Malcom and English soldiers to invade Scotland. Macduff finds out his family has died.