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At sunset- idyllic!

Please wait a minute.


What's the matter?

I've been reading these stories. They're so damned beautiful.


You like? Thanks.

Why, Connor they're almost poetry


Don't fool yourself; they are!

I can't make you out at all, now.


Really? I though I was easy

Do did I, but you're not. You talk so big and tough- and then you write like this. Which is which?


I guess I'm both

No- I believe you put the toughness on, to save your skin.


You think?

Yes. I know a little about that-


Do you?

Quite a lot. It- the book- it was just such a complete- hell of a surprise, that's all.


Yes- it seems you do



Know about it

The one called "With the Rich and Mighty" - I think I liked it best.


I got that from a Spanish proverb-"With the Rich and Mighty always have a little patience"

Good! Tell me something, will you? When you can do a thing like this how can you possibly do anything else?


Such as what?

You said after lunch- what was it you said?- "Cheap stuff for expensive magazines."


Did I?

Yes. You did. You said you spent most of your time that way


Practically all. Why? What about it?

I can't understand it. And I like to understand things


You'll never believe it but there are people in this world who have to earn their living.

Of course! But people buy books, don't they?


Sure hey do! They even read them

Well, then?


That one represents two solid years work. It netted something under six hundred dollars

But that shouldn't be!


-only unhappily it is

And what about your Miss Imbrie?


Also, she prefers a roof over her head to being constantly out in the rain and snow

Food and a roof- food and a roof-


Those charming essentials

Listen I've got an idea. Listen: I've got the most marvelous little house in Unionville, it's up on a hill. With a view that would knock you silly. I'm never there except in the hunting season, and not much then, and I'd be so happy to know it was of some use to someone. There's a brook and a small lake, no size really, and a patch of woods, and in any kind of weather, it's the- -and look at that sky now will you! Suddenly it's clear as clear! It's going to be fine tomorrow! It's going to be fair! Good for you God! Hell! Someone's coming- someone I don't want to be alone with. Stand by for a couple of minutes. Will you?


Certainly- if you like?

You will think about the house, won't you?


Why it's terribly nice of you, but-

Don't think I'd come trouping in every minute because I wouldn't. I'd never come, except when expressly asked to


It isn't that

What is it?


Well, you see- er- you see the ideA do artists having a patron had more or less gone out and-

I see. That wasn't especially kind of you, Mr. Connor. There's no need to rub our general uselessness in.


I'm afraid I don't get you

Don't bother. I'm sorry to have seemed patronizing


I didn't quite mean-

Please don't bother, really.