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-hello! -Hello!

Who was that?


Wrong number

Listen, darling, give me a hand with this cockeyed seating arrangement, will you?- George doesn't want the Grants at the bridal table. He says they're fast. He-


Hello kids



Where's mother?

She's around. How's New York?- How's Sue?- How's the baby?


There is a party tonight, of course?

Aunt Geneva's throwing a monster.


Sue's and my wedding present comes by registered mail, Tracy- and a pretty penny it set me back.

You're a bonny boy, Sandy. I love you


Where's George, Tracy?

He's staying in the Gatehouse. He still had business things to clear up and I thought he'd be quieter there.


What about this absurd article about your father and- er- Tina Mara in Destiny? Can't it be stopped?

About Father and- let me see!


In a minute. I'm busy.

Oh! The absolute devils- who publishes Destiny?


Sidney Kidd- also Dime, also Spy, the picture sheet. I worked on Dime for two summers you know that.

Stopped? It's got to be! I'll go to him myself


It took about three hours, but I finally got through to him

What happened?


I think I fixed things



I had a copy of the piece made, and sent it around to his flat, with a little note saying,"how do you like it."

You are a fella


Let him worry a little

Let him worry a lot!


What's all this.

"Mr. Connor and-?"


They're quite nice. You'll like them.

You asked people to stay in this house without even asking us?


I think it's very peculiar indeed.

I think it's more peculiar than that. I think it's paranoiac


Keep your shirt on – I just drifted into them and we sort of got to talking about what riots weddings are as a rule, and they've never been to a Philadelphia one, and –

You're lying, Sandy. – I can always tell.


Sandy: now look here Tracy-

Look where? "Elizabeth Imbrie" – I know that name! She's a – wait – damn your eyes, Sandy, she's a photographer!


Sandy: for a fact?

For a couple of facts – and a famous one!


Sandy: well it might be nice to have some good shots of the wedding.

What are they doing here?


Dina: I do

I know – now I know! They're from destiny – destiny sent them!


Sandy: You're just a mass of intuition, Tracy.

Well, they can go right back again.


Sandy: No, they can't. Not till they get their story.

Story? What story?


Sandy: industrial Philadelphia, historical Philadelphia – and then the third –

I'm going to be sick


Yes, dear, fashionable Philadelphia.

I am sick.


Margaret: but why? Surely there are other families who –

Yes – why not the Drexels oror Biddles or the qu'est-qu-c'est Cassats?


And of course there's your former marriage and your looks and your general prowess in golf and foxhunting, with a little big game on the side, and your impending second marriage into the coalfields –

Never mind that exclamation


Margaret: is there's no such thing as privacy anymore?

Only in bed, mother, and not always there.


Sandy: anyhow I thought I was licked – and what else could I do?

A trade eh.? So we're to let them publish the inside story of my wedding in order to keep Fathers wretched little affair quiet!


Sandy: it's hard to tell with the future president of the United States.

What's the writer's name again?


Sandy: they were handling the industrial end

My hearts breaking for them


Margaret: it's an absolute invasion two strange people tramping through the house prying and investigating –

Maybe were going through a revolution without knowing it. Hello, is Mr. Briggs there? – This is Tracy lord, Mr. Briggs. – Look I wonder if you happen to have on hand any books by Macaulay Connor? You have!- Could you surely send them out this afternoon?-Thanks, Mr. Briggs, you're sweet. - if they've got to have a story, I'll give them a story – I'll give them one they can't get through the mails.


Sandy: O – O – I was afraid of this –

Who the hell do they think they are, barging in on peaceful people – watching every little mannerism – jotting down notes on how we sit, and stand, and talk, and eat and move-


Dina: will they do that?

– And all in the horrible snide corkscrew English! – Well, if we have to submit to it to save father's face – which incidentally doesn't deserve it – I'm for giving them a picture of home life that will stand their hair on end


The fact is, she'll probably be Sweetness and Light to the neck

Oh, will I?


I should think it would look awfully funny to the , Fathers not being here for his own daughters wedding.

Would you now?


that's alright I fixed that too

How do you mean you did?


Tracy will you promise to behave like a lady, if only for my sake?

I'll do my best Mrs. lord, I don't know how good that is.


Go out on a dress

Yes mother


There are too many legs around here

Suds! I'll be pure Victorian, all frills and ruffles, conversationally chaste as an egg... Hello Uncle Willie where did you come from?


Why aren't you being married in a church Tracy?

I like the parlor here so much better


It isn't what I want to say-

Is it enough if they can simply prove that it is true?


I could collect substantial damages – and would, if it took me all winter.

Suppose the other way around suppose they printed things that weren't true


Oh good gracious

Come on- out. What was she like, uncle Willy?



British guinea?