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How are FIM ratings assigned?

Based on activities performed during the entire 3 calendar-day period


On what are DC FIM ratings based?

One 24-hr period during the last 3 days of the Pt's stay


On what day are DC FIM ratings typically done?

The day before DC


Who has a say in DC FIM ratings?

All disciplines


What categories can NOT receive a "0 - Activity did not occur" on admission?

Bladder FIMs
Bowel FIMs
Cognitive FIMs


If Bladder, Bowel, and/or Cognitive FIMs have not occurred by DC, do they still get rated a "0 - Activity did not occur?"

No, they get a "1 - Total Dependence" @ DC


Is direct observation the only method for rating FIMs?

No - credible reports such as prior medical record, other staff report, family, and friends may be used although direct observation is the best method


Should FIM ratings reflect the Pt's past, present, or future?

Present - they should reflect the current situation of the Pt, not what he/she could do under different circumstances