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What does ADP 1-0 Cover?

The Army


What is Land power?

Land power is the ability, by threat, force, or occupation- to gain, sustain, and exploit control over land, resources, and people.


What are the three strategic roles of the Army, as stated in the Army vision?

Prevent, Shape, and Win. Prevent Conflict. Army must help shape the international government to enable our partners and control our enemies. The Army must be ready to win, and win decisively.


How many battle streamers did the Army earn during the War of 1812?

The army earned six battle streamers.


What is the first line of the United States Army mission according to Title 10 USC, and Department of Defense directive 5100.01?

The mission of the United States Army is to go fight and win the Nation's wars through prompt and sustained land combat, as part of the joint Force.


The AMEDD R D I. 20 Stars?

The represent the number of states in the Union between December of 1817 and December 1818.


Describe the colors of the DUI.

Maroon and White are the colors used by the Army Medical Department.


Describe the cross of the DUI.

The cross is a symbol for aid and assistance together with the caducei are symbols of healing and medicine.


Describe the helmet and sword of the DUI.

The helmet and sword adapted from the arms of the US Military Academy refer to the long and close association of the two organizations from 1802.


Describe the color of the MEDCOM patch.

Maroon and white are the colors used by the Army Medical Department.


Describe the Wings, Serpents and Sword.

The wings and serpents allude to the caduceus symbol representing all medical services and the sword in place of the staff represents the Army. The staff pointed to the base is symbolic because it alludes to our noncombatant role.