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What age should ASAI policy/proceedures apply (at the time of reporting)

17 years or more

Child Protection Investigation policy/proceedures applies to all under 17


What does MEK stand for?

Medical examination kit


What are the three terms and timings used when a victim reports their SEXUAL assault

Acute - within 7 days of the SEXUAL assault

Non-accute - at seven days or more after the SEXUAL assault but before 6 months

Historic - after 6 months of the SEXUAL assault


In acute cases victims should refrain from what until they have had a medical examination?


Going to the toilet - if necessary use toxicology kit to capture urine and ask the victim not to wipe


Washing hands/biting finger nails

Change clothing


Brushing teeth/rinsing mouth


Why is it important to provide ASA victims with specialist support? (With their consent)

Improves outcomes ie

Evidence giving
Staying engaged
Be seen as credible in court
Can affect how victim recovers
Will assist in the prevention of re-victimisation


In most ASA investigations, a preliminary interview determines what

What further investigative actions are necessary

Whether or not offences may have occurred

Whether the victim is willing to make a formal complaint


What is it important to keep the ASA victim informed of the progress of the investiagtion

Information allows the victim to start making decisions and can assist in their long term recovery


What is the primary objective in relation to the victim undergoing a medical examination

The ASA victims well-being/safety is paramount.

THE primary objective is the victims physical/sexual/mental health and safety

Collecting trace evidence is of secondary importance.

Needs to be promoted to victims in this way