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Aimes-tu regarder les publicités à la télévision ? Pourquoi/Pourquoi pas?

- loin de la 

- ils sont ennuyantes, irritantes, continuel 

- Je deteste le publicite tapageuse et le matrquage publicitaire

- hard to escape 

- can escape, I mainly watch programmes on the internet

- necessary but annoying 


A quoi ça sert, la publicité ?

- to convince a consumer to buy a product 

- to arouse the curiosity and desire to own of the consumer 

- to impose the name of the brand in the mind of the public 


A ton avis, qu’est-ce qui fait une bonne publicité ?

- effective when they associate a happy situation with their product

- particularly like trailers 

- i like adverts that are honest and entertaining

- adverts that aren't intrusive


Quelles sont les techniques principales utilisées par les publicitaires ?

- association of a happy situation with the product 

- make the name of the brand glamorous and attractive 

- manipulate the emotions of the consumer 

- take advantage of the insecurities of young people, partiuclarly young girls 


Penses-tu que la publicité pousse les gens à surconsommer ?

- Publicity convinces you that it is always necessary to have more

- convinces you to buy new technology, new clothes etc

- tempts people with offers and sales, 

- people often buy things they want, but don't need 

- this is worrying for the environment and society


Es-tu personnellement influencé(e) par la pub?

- I think everyone is influenced by adverts, in some way, as they are hard to escape 

- I think well known brands must be better 

- I try to avoid adverts, and be sceptical (etre sceptique) 

- It's like brainwashing and difficult to esape 


Pour quels produits ou services la publicité est-elle interdite ? Devrait-on en interdire d’autres ? Pourquoi ?

- cigarettes and alcohol 

- others, such as fast food, should be banned 

- editing and adverts for loan companies (les entreprises qui offre les prets) 

- adverts which are dishonest, or that promote products that aren't healthy


D’après toi, la publicité est-elle en général efficace ?

- evidently, as we are a society of consumers and overconsumers (surconsommateurs) 

-  they are everywhere 

- many are popular with people, and convince the consumer of their message


Les publicités disent-elles toujours la vérité ?

absolutely not 

- it should not be surprising they don't tell the truth - they must exaggerate in order to make the product attractive

- particularly with things like make up, who take advantage of the insecurities of young girls 


Que penses-tu des spots publicitaires d’intérêt public (sur la prévention routière, le SIDA, les risques liés au tabagisme…)

- Government campaigns are essential to promote awareness 

- Good that the government take responsibility for public health 

- But companies themselves should take more responsibility for the products that the offer 


Quels stéréotypes sont fréquemment utilisés dans les publicités ?

- One example of stereotypes used by adverts is the encouragement of boys to play with guns and cars, and for girls to play with cooking and pink clothes. This has far-reaching consequences - des consequences de grand portee - because girls can grow up thinking there are activities and opportunities that are only for men, not for women 

- They also use stereotypes of beauty

- Use the idea that the people who use their products are happy, healthy and rich 



Peux-tu me parler d’une pub française qui t’a plu ou qui ne t’as pas plu.

- I have two examples 

- One advert that when i was younger i adored was the fromage frais advert, with a little french girl who played in the streets, and i wanted fromage frais as a consequence 

- Another advert that tricked me (il m'a trompee) (tromper=to trick) was the perle du lait advert, which said that perle du lait peut aider les femmes d'avoir la beaute et que c'etait delicieux, et donc j'ai les achetes et ils etaient absolutement degoutant 

- that was a lecon 


Que sais-tu au sujet de la publicité sur les chaînes publiques en France ?

- I know that French adverts are different to English ones, and they have many similar adverts 

- When I visited France when I was younger, I thought that the adverts were a little de mode