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Parle-moi un peu de ta famille? Quelles relations as-tu avec tes parents et tes frères et soeurs?

- Live with both parents, have one sister, two brothers
- Get on really well with my brothers and sisters, but argue sometimes
- I feel a sense of responsibility being the oldest


C’est quoi, une famille « traditionnelle » ?

- A traditional family for me is like my family, both parents together with children
- But more and more often


Quelles sont les causes principales de conflits entre ados et parents?

- The conflicts over rules and the struggle (la lutte) of the teenager to have more freedom
- A generational difference
- The difficulty of the parents to accept their child is growing up
- The fight for independence
- Arguments about jobs in the house


En quoi les relations familiales ont-elles changé au cours des cinquante dernières années?

- Before, it was expected that the woman stay home to look after the child - slowly, this prejudice is changing and more mothers work
- It is more common to have l'homme au foyer the days
- Certaines soutiennent que parents are more like friends these days
- Les familles monoparentales are more common than ever, and acceptable in society


Etre un bon parent, c’est quoi pour toi?

- One must give moral and emotional support, - always be able to listen and communicate, - be able to give the child the skills to be independent and happy in the future,
- protect the child from harm,
- but most importantly be a loving role model


Penses-tu qu’on soit défavorisé si on appartient à une famille monoparentale ?

- Not at all, we live in a society that is more tolerant and accepting (tolerant et acceptent) than ever of differing backgrounds


Penses-tu que les jeunes d’aujourd’hui respectent moins leurs parents ?

- Not at all - it is true that the nature of the relationship has changed, but for most children they respect their parents
- There will always be exceptions
- One must understand that just because one does not obey one's parents, it does not mean


Quel genre de parent seras-tu, à ton avis ?

- i will be a parent patient, liberal and have good communication with my child


Quelles sont les raisons principales de disputes entre frères et sœurs?

- clothes
- stress
- jealousy
- irritation


Selon toi, quels sont les ingrédients pour obtenir une famille heureuse?

- communication
- love
- humour
- patience


Y a-t-il des différences entre une famille française typique et une famille britannique typique ?

- I don't know
- When I went to France, I stayed with quite a traditional family, maybe because they were Catholic, and many of the families in that Catholic region were traditional
- I think the role of mother is more celebrated than in England