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Here are three key questions about AF4:

1. How many hours of study does the CII suggest?

2. What is the pass rate?

3. What is the pass mark?

4. When should I start studying?


1. 150 hours. Remember, if you attend a 2 day training course, this will only amount to around 12 hours. You will need to study more than this.

2. 48.96% in 2017 (the most recent figures).

3. 55% or 88 marks out of 160.

4. Now!



What do you need to do to maximise your chances of passing this exam?

1. Complete a minimum of 2 or 3 past exam papers under exam conditions

2. Use MP3 audios to learn while travelling.  

3. Use your R02/J10 CII study texts to familiarise yourself with the content, particularly those bits you don't do day-to-day

4. Write your own flash cards



Where do i find this material?


  • 5 hours + of MP3. Click here
  • AF4 study notes - around 180 pages of succinct notes) Click here
  • CII past exam papers. See CII website. Click here and go to 'past exam guides'
  • CII study texts you've used before - on the self gathering dust!



Do I need a calculator?

Yes. Perhaps a quarter of the marks in a typical AF4 exam will need you to have a calculator.


The HP 10B 11 is available from Amazon. Click here

A tutorial on how to use it is on You Tube. Click here



Do these flash cards cover everything i should know about AF4?

Afraid not. They focus on just the areas we know people struggle with the most when preparing for AF4. All of these areas have been previously tested in AF4 and appear frequently.

What we have not tried to do here is cover the many areas you are familiar with in your day-to-day business which could also be covered by AF4.

The best way to maximise your chances of passing is to put in some 'hard yards' yourself before the course.

Remember that you can add to these flash cards so add some yourself on areas you are not comfortable with.