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What is Agile Manufacturing?

Flexibel Thinking
Modularized manufacturing systems
Cooperation between different companies
Strategic Alliances between companies
A futher developmen is called a Virtual Company


What is Flexible Manufacturing

Flexibility Regarding
Input Material
Tooling and Fixtures
Manufacturing Equipments


What is Concurrent Engineering?

Traditional Product Development vs
Integrated Product Development

Extended cooperation with Strategic partnerts


What are the Characteristics of Bionic Manufacturing System?

Independent Distribution
Coordination and harmony
High Flexibility


What are the demands on a bionic system?

Living sub-components and a
hierarchic organization based on
cells, organs, individuals, etc.
§ Differentiation and profiling of cells
shaping of cells.
§ Genetic function.
§ Evolution.
§ Self organizing.
§ Enzyme based function.


How are the Funtion of a Bionic System

Incoming Orders
Autonomous Units
Cooperation Between the Units
Mutual Databases


What is a Fracta System?

A fractal is an independently working unit, which has a clearly defined objective and a defined function within an overall system.

§ Fractals are striving to achieve conformity in spite of the fact that they have the purpose to perform different tasks.

§ Fractals are self-organizing.
§ Sub-targets are summing up into one overall system-target.
§ Fractals are communicating through an efficient network.
§ Each fractal and its efficiency are evaluated and questioned.


What is Industry 4.0

Internet of things
Remote Sensors
Predictive Analytics
Big Data


What is a Holonic Manufacturing System

Gives possibility to change and adaptivity as the
environment is changing and thus making it
possible to survive and get prosperity.
◆Manufacturing company.
◆10-10 000 employees.
◆All functions from administration to delivered
◆Can be applied anywhere in the world.
◆Implementation within a ten-year period