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(On Air SD) symbology of flight deck/cabin supply duct temp

white- normal
amber- temp exceeds limit


(On Air SD) symbology of flight deck/ cabin selected temp

cyan - normal


(On Air SD) symbology of air conditioning pack

white- commanded off, no air flow
green (vaned)- commanded on, normal flow
amber- commanded off, normal flow
amber (vaned)- commanded on, no airflow


(On Air SD) symbology of cabin rate climb/descent

white- within normal limits
amber- exceeds normal limits


(On Air SD) symbology of outflow valve position

white - normal
blank - no data


(On Air SD) symbology of bleed air valve

white- commanded off (horizontal lines) or on (vertical lines)

green- commanded on with engine running


(On Air SD) symbology of bleed air temperature

white - normal

amber- exceeds upper limit or temperature low with wing/tail anti ice selected on


(On Air SD) symbology of bleed manifold pressure

white - normal
amber - exceeds high and low limits


(On Air SD) symbology of flight deck/ cabin actual temp

white - normal


(On Air SD) symbology of flight deck/ cabin temp dial

blank- auto
white- manual


(On Air SD) symbology of cabin altitude

white- normal
red- above 10,000ft


(On Air SD) symbology of differential pressure

white- normal
amber- above normal limit


(On Air SD) symbology of landing altitude

white - normal (manually input)
magenta - normal (fms generated)
dashes- invalid data


(On Air SD) symbology of outflow valve closed

amber- fully closed
white- not fully closed


(On Air SD) symbology of APU

blanked- apu air not available
white- apu air available, but no demand (pack off)
green- apu air available, with demand (pack auto)


(On Air SD) symbology of isolation valve

white- commanded closed
green- commanded open
amber- valve position disagrees with commanded position


function of avionics cooling switch

operative in flight only for radio rack cooling.
FAN- primary fan operates. if it fails, backup fan comes on automatically
OVRD- fans are off, venturi valve commanded open, venturi airflow cools radios.

(on the ground, venturi valve closed and both fans stay on all the time)


function of the ram air switch

off- closed
on- valve commanded open, ram air enters air conditioning ducts.

in flight, provides ventilation when AC not available

don't use to ventilate on the ground


function of pack shutdown switch

Both packs will shut down automatically during engine failure on TO below 3000ft or selected off on FMS.

auto- allows pack shutdown during engine failure
ovrd- overrides auto pack shutdown during above conditions

high supply duct temp will also cause auto pack shutdown. Cannot be overridden


function of the Flow switch

Norm- flow control valve solenoid energized for a lower flow rate. must be in NORM for takeoff

high- solenoid de-energized to provide higher flow rate


function of ISOL switch

clsd- isolation valve commanded closed, isolating left and right systems
open- allows crossfeed of left and right pneumatic systems
auto- controlled by pneumatic system controller (PSC). allows auto crossfeed during single source operation with airfoil ice selected on


location of cabin alt and rate info

AIR SD synoptic and secondary engine SD


function of instrument panel flow indicator

only valid if both packs off. single pack on the ground, cooling fan operates.

on- ground with AC off, indicates instrument panel cooling fan airflow
off- ground with AC off, indicates absence of airflow and cooling fan failure


leaving aircraft with apu running for cooling

select one pack off. keeps cooling fan operating, prevent DU overheats if apu shuts down.


function of gasper boost fan switch

provides supplemental airplane ventilation with or without packs operating.


function and operation of cabin press control panel

SELECT illuminates to indicate failure of both auto cabin press controllers

MANUAL illuminates when pushed, then manipulate landing alt and outflow valve manually


FMC packs off takeoff procedure

TO/APP key- push
PACKS- line select ON to OFF
look for packs all off alert on EAD

packs will shut off at throttle advance, come back at 3000 agl.


fwd / aft cargo bin heating and live cargo

in flight, if primary fan operating, fwd cargo compartment electrically heated 60-75F

live animals fwd bin only, fwd of cargo door.

aft bin heated with cabin exhaust air


function of pneumatic overheat detection system (pods)

detects overheat in tail and along wing and tail ice protection manifolds

if failure detected, PODS automatically closes respective anti ice manifold and alerts crew

automatically tested when engine fire test performed