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Recall function of the Altitude Select Knob

Rotate – preselects altitude in altitude window. If PROF
is engaged, sets FMS limits for climb or descent

PULL (Level Change) – Airplane will climb or descend directly to selected altitude and ATS will go to climb
thrust or idle descent as required

PUSH – Airplane will hold current altitude


Recall function of the V/S-FPA changeover button

PUSH – Selects either vertical speed in fpm or FPA (Flight Path Angle) in tenths of degrees


Recall function of the PROF switch

PUSH – Engages FMS vertical profile guidance

The aircraft is in PROF if the FMA altitude mode (word) is magenta. The altitude number will be white or magenta, depending on whether it is a known FMS

Note: In flight, PROF can also be used to engage the Autothrottle System


Recall function of the HDG/TRK changeover button

PUSH – Selects either heading or track in the display window and on the ND


Recall function of the NAV switch

PUSH – Arms the FMS NAV capture mode or resumes FMS lateral control


Recall function of the FMS SPD switch

PUSH – selects the armed FMS speed.
Display window will show dashes and the
FMA speed changes from white to magenta

FMS speed can be edited by preselecting an FCP speed and immediately pushing this switch. Pushing
the FMS SPD switch again will cancel this FMS speed edit and FMS speed will return to ECON on the speed tape. However, the speed edit is not removed from the MCDU PERF page, it is just no longer active. EDIT speeds can bemodified, but not cleared.

FMS speed is disengaged by pushing or pulling the IAS/MACH select knob or engaging go-around


Recall function of the IAS/MACH changeover button

PUSH – Selects either IAS or MACH in the display window


Recall function of the IAS/MACH select knob

Rotate – preselects an IAS or Mach speed in the display window
PULL – Airplane will hold speed selected in the window
PUSH – Airplane will maintain current speed and the display window displays that speed


Recall function of the APPR/LAND switch

PUSH – Arms the APPR and LAND modes (a tuned ILS is required)


Recall function of the AUTOFLIGHT Switch

PUSH – Engages ATS and one AP in the FD mode that has been selected. After AP engagement, each push alternates the AP between AP1 and AP2


Recall function of the AFS OVRD switches

PUSH DOWN -- Allows emergency disconnect of respective autopilot, autothrottle and yaw damper


Recall how Mach Trim is provided by the Flight Control Computers

-Only operative when Autopilot is not engaged
-When Mach trim is active, the stabilizer automatically moves to compensate for pitch forces caused by Mach number
-If Mach trim becomes inoperative, it will automatically stop driving the stabilizer and an alert will be displayed


With the autopilot engaged, recall how the Bank Angle Limit Selector limits bank

Rotate - Selects max bank angle in 5 degree increments
AUTO - Bank angle limits vary with speed. This selector
cannot override FMS bank angle limits to make them less restrictive. They can be selected to more restrictive. Limits are displayed on the top of the PFD attitude sphere