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How is Airspace over the UK divided?

Into two Flight Information Regions - London and Scottish.


What does London FIR cover?

The majority of England and Wales


Where is London FIR controlled from?

London FIR is controlled by the London Area Control Centre (LACC) at Swanwick Hampshire.


When did LACC start operating?

The Centre started operating in January 2002


How many and what are the operations rooms in Swanwick?

There 3 Ops rooms:
- London Area Control Centre (LACC)
- London Terminal Control Centre (LTCC)
- Military Air Traffic Control


What's LACC purpose?

Manages en route traffic in the London FIR. This includes en route airspace over England and Wales up to the Scottish border.


What's LTCC purpose?

Handles traffic below 24,500ft flying to and from London's airports.


What area is covered by LTCC?

Extends south and east to the borders of France and the Netherlands, west towards Bristol and north to near Birmingham


What's Military Air Traffic Control's purpose?

Provides services to civil and military aircraft operating outside controlled airspace. Work closely with civilian controllers to ensure safe co-ordination of traffic.


What does Scottish FIR cover?

The whole of Scotland and Northern Ireland and the immediate surrounding areas.


Where is Scottish FIR controlled from?

Scottish FIR is controlled by the Scottish En-Route centre at Prestwick.


How many and what are the operations rooms in Prestwick?

There 3 Ops rooms:
- Manchester Area Control Centre (MACC)
- Scottish Area Control Centre (ScACC)
- Oceanic Area Control Centre (OACC)


What's MACC purpose?

Controls aircraft over much of
- the north of England,
- the Midlands, and
- north Wales


What altitude does MACC cover?

Controls aircraft from 2,500ft up to 28,500ft.


What's ScACC purpose?

Controls aircraft over
Northern Ireland,
Northern England, and
the North Sea


What altitude does ScACC cover?

Controls aircraft from 2,500ft up to 66,000ft.


What's OACC purpose?

Controls the airspace over the eastern half of the North Atlantic from Azores (45 degrees north) to a boundary with Iceland (61 degrees north) and westward to longitude 30 degrees West.