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Under what categories can the aircraft fly?

Normal category


Under what conditions can the aircraft fly?

VFR, IFR and icing conditions


Describe the electrical system

28-VDC system, powered by a 24-volt, 42-amp lead acid gel battery, two 250-amp starter-generators or external power


Describe the operating inverters.

System DC power is provided to two operating inverters to provide 400-hertz, 115-volt and 26-volt AC power for various avionics.


What are the major DC buses?

1. Hot battery bus
2. Main battery bus
3. Left generator bus
4. Right generator bus
5. Isolation bus
6. No. 1 dual fed bus
7. No. 2 dual fed bus
8. No. 3 dual fed bus
9. No. 4 dual fed bus
10. Left avionics bus
11. Right avionics bus
12. #1 inverter bus
13. #2 inverter bus


What powers the hot battery bus

The battery


What position must the BAT switch be in to power the hot battery bus?

The hot battery bus is powered regardless of the position of the BAT switch


What systems are powered by the hot battery bus?

Engine fire extinguishers
firewall shutoff valves
entry and cargo lights
ground COMMunications
RNAV memory to older avionics
Battery relay


What switches control the generators, what are the switch positions and where are they located?

The GEN 1 and GEN 2 switches. There are three positions - ON, OFF and GEN RESET. Located under the MASTER SWITCH gang bar.


How are the generator buses connected?

Connected by two 325-amp current limiters on either side of the isolation bus.


When is the electrical system supplied by battery and the two generator power?

Always so long as the two isolation limiters are intact.


How are the four dual-fed buses powered?

By either generator bus through a 60-amp limiter, a 70-amp diode, and a 50-amp CB.


What do the four dual-fed buses provide power to?

Most DC-powered equipment.


What powers the inverters?

Powered directly from the generator buses and are controlled by the INVERTER selector switch.


Where is the external power socket?

Underside of the right wing, outboard of the engine nacelle.


Under what circumstances can the aircraft accept external power?

The airplane will accept DC power from a GPU provided the polarity is correct and the voltage is <32 volts. BATT switch must be ON


Where are the control switches for the exterior lights?

On the pilot's right subpoena.


What does a red annunciator light indicate?

A fault that requires the pilot's immediate attention and action


How long will a red annunciator light remain on?

They will remain illuminated until action is taken to correct the fault


What does an amber caution annunciator light indicate?

An amber caution requires the pilot's immediate attention but not an immediate reaction.


What caution lights do not illuminate the master caution, and where can they be found?

The fuel panel caution lights, located on the fuel control panel on the pilot's side.


How many tank systems are there and how are they connected?

Two - one for each engine. Connected by a crossed line.


What does each fuel tank system consist of?

Nacelle tank
Two wing leading-edge tanks
Two box sections bladder tanks
An integral wing tank


How are the main tank systems fed to the nacelle tanks?

Gravity fed


Where is the filler for each main tank family?

On the top of the wing near the wingtip


What does each auxiliary fuel system consist of and where is it located?

Aux tank inboard of each engine nacelle


How are the aux tanks filled

Through an overwing filler


How is aux tank fuel provided to the main tank system

Through an automatic fuel transfer system


When an aux tank contains fuel, which fuel is used first

The aux tank fuel is used first and is automatically transferred to the nacelle tank


How many fuel pumps are there per engine?

High-pressure fuel pump
Low-pressure boost pump
Standby boost pump in the bottom of each nacelle tank