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Dimensions of 175 and (170)

Height - 32' 3"
Wing Span - 85'4"
Length - 103'11" (98'1")


Emergency equipment located in the Flight Deck

-PBE (1)
-Halon Fire Ext. (1)
-Flashlights (2)
-Life Vests (3)
-O2 Masks (3)
-Crash Axe (1)
-Escape Ropes (2)


Will the cockpit dome light illuminate on an unpowered airplane?

Only if the FA Panel 'COURTESY LIGHTS' switch is in AUTO


How are the emergency lights charged?

4 ELPU's (Emergency Light Power Units) charged off the DC BUS 1


How long will the emergency lights last once illuminated?

10 minutes


When will the emergency lights automatically illuminate?

provided that switch is in AUTO, if the DC BUSSES lose power or the airplanes electrical power is turned off, the emergency lights will automatically illuminate


Where does the FA check the Potable Water quantity and waste service tank system?

Aft FA Panel


What does a Waste Service tank light mean on the Aft FA panel? Tank Full light?

-Tank is 75% full
-Tank is full


What does a "Fault" light mean on the AFT FA Panel?

-A fault in the forward or aft drain valve
-Water level indication is not available


Where is the door information presented?

MFD Status Page


What is the purpose of a vent flap on the main cabin or service doors?

-A load is applied to the vent flap/locking mechanism making a door difficult to open as cabin pressure increases
-To relieve residual cabin pressure prior to opening the main cabin or services doors


What happens if a pilot selects "EMER' on the audio panel?

-A red light on the Cabin Light Rainbow illuminates
-3 HI-LOW chimes sound in the cabin


When is the emergency escape slide automatically disarmed?

If the Main Cabin or Service doors are opened from outside the aircraft


What indication(s) are present to confirm whether or not the escape slides are armed or disarmed?

-Armed - Red "Armed" appears above the respective door handle
-Disarmed - Green "Disarmed" appears above the respective door handle


When will the reinforced cockpit door latch automatically open?

30 seconds after the FA 'EMER CALL' button has been pushed if the 'INHIBIT' button has not been pushed by the flight crew


What happens if the flight crew presses the 'INHIBIT' button?

The automatic open function is inhibited for 500 seconds


What are the cockpit door blowout panels?

-Unfolding panels in the cockpit door that help equalize pressure between the cockpit and cabin during a decompression
-Door retains full ballistic and impact characteristics if panels unfold


How is the DVDR activated?

-Turned on through the MCDU
-CVR portion activates when the battery 1/2 switches are set to ON/AUTO
-FDR portion automatically turns on when an engine is running
- Weight off Wheels


How many DVDR's are installed?

2 - 1 FWD 1 AFT


How long will the DVDR record?

-2 hours of voice and radio communications
-25 hours of flight data in GMT


Can the CVR be erased?

Yes, the airplane must be on the ground with the parking brake set


What pressurizes the potable water storage tank?

Engine or APU bleed air


If the AC GPU is to be used to power the aircraft, what should be seen on the GPU panel?

Ensure 'AVAIL' is displayed and not 'IN USE'


How many displays and instruments are on during initial aircraft power-up?

-DU's 2 & 3
-IESS & clock
-CCD 1