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Safety diamond area consist of what?

Lines connecting the aircraft's nose, wingtips, and aft of the tail


Corrosion prone areas

seams of aluminium alloy structures, in box beam skin areas, around plated steel fastners, skin seams, lap joints, rub strips, access doors, cowling areas


Fuselage consist of?

flight station, mid body section, and the aft fuselage section including the tail cone.


What parts to the wings consist of?

Boeing 737-900 wings consisting of leading and tailing flaps, ailerons, flaps, slats, spoilers, engine mounts, and can be fitted with weapons pylons.


What are flaps and slats used for?

high lift devices that increase wing lift and decrease stall speed during takeoff, low speed maneuvering and landing.


Leading edge devices consist of?

4 flaps and 8 slats


Trailing edge devices consists of?

2 flaps inboard and 4 slats outboard of each engine.


What are flight spoilers used for and how many are there?

4 flight spoilers, located on the upper surface of each wing, used as speed brakes to increase drag and reduce lift.


What type of landing gear do we use?

fully retractable tricycle type design with air/oil struts, main landing gear is a conventional two wheel unit, nose gear is a coventiinal steerable two wheel unit.


what are struts used for?

absorbs shock during takeoff, taxiing, and landing.


what type of brakes are used?

multi disc hydraulic powered brakes.


what is the autobrake system?

the system uses hydraulic system pressure to provide max deceleration for rejected takeoff and auto braking.


Access points?

1 entry door, 1 service door, 1 egress bailout door, 1 cargo door, 2 overwing exits