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"Abuse" definition

WILLFUL INFLICTION of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation or punishment, with resulting physical harm, impairment or mental anguish


"chemical restraint" definition

use of a medication for the purpose of discipline, convenience or in an ER situation to control mood or behavior and not required to treat the resident's symptoms.

Chemical Restraint does not mean medication prescribed to maintain emotional stability.


"Direct Care Staff" definition

in an AL, means qualified nursing, activity, social and therapy staff employed by or under the direct supervisory control of the AL center


"Neglect" definition

failure to provide goods or services necessary to avoid physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness


"Personal Care" definition

assistance with meals, dressing, movement, bathing or other personal needs or maintenance, or general supervision of the physical and mental well-being of a person and includes assistance with toileting.


"Significant Change" definition

a major change in the resident's status that is not self limiting; affects more than one area of the resident's health status; and requires the interdisciplinary review and/or revision of the care plan.


How far must smoking be from COC or AL facility?

at least 15 feet away from entrance or any air intakes


Who shall the AL NOT care for?

Any resident needing care in excess of the level that AL is licensed to provide or capable of providing


**Whom shall the routines of care provision and service of delivery be directed by?



Admission criteria for AL Center

The AL shall describe the population admitted or to be admitted based on the services provided to meet following resident needs:

1. assistance with personal care
2. nursing supervision
3. intermittent or unscheduled nursing care
4. medication administration
5. assistance with cognitive orientation and care or service for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias and
6. assistance with transfer or ambulation


What shall the AL use to determine the appropriateness of the resident's placement in AL?

Screening instrument specified in 310:663-5


What are the 4 reasons a resident shall not be eligible for placement in AL?

1. resident needs care/services that exceed care/services available in AL

2. resident's physician determines resident requires physical or chemical restraints in situations other than ERs

3. resident poses threat to self or others

4. AL is unable to meet resident's needs for privacy or dignity


Procedure for termination upon determination that resident is inappropriately placed

1. inform resident/representative
2. if voluntary termination is not arranged:
3. AL provide written notice to resident and representative giving 30 day notice of AL's intent to terminate residency agreement and move resident to an appropriate care provider


When shall the 30 day termination notice requirement not apply?

1. when ER termination of residency agreement is mandated by resident's immediate health needs or

2. when termination is necessary to physical safety of resident or other residents


What shall be included in the written notice of involuntary termination of residency for reasons of inappropriate placement?

1. full explanation of reasons for termation

2. date of notice

3. date notice was given to resident and resident's representative

4. date resident must leave AL


Involuntary termination of residency for reasons other than inappropriate placement - what are the required days within the procedure?

- written notice of termination (at least 30 days in advance of termination dated)

- request for hearing with Department must be filed within 10 department business days of receipt of the facility notice

-Department shall convene a hearing within 10 Department business days of receipt of request

- Administrative Law Judge shall render decision within 10 department business days of the close of the record


5 step procedure for Management of Risk in AL

If resident's preference/decision places the resident or others at risk or is likely to lease to an adverse consequence, the AL shall:

1. advise resident and resident's rep of such risk or consequences

2. specify the cause for concern

3. discuss concern with resident and rep, if any

4. attempt to negotiate a written agreement that minimizes risk and adverse consequences and offers alternatives while respecting resident preferences

5. document any lack of agreement and provide copy to resident and rep


A continuum of care facility shall NOT care for any resident...

needing care in excess of the level that the continuum of care facility is licensed to provide


Ice Machine requirements

dispenser type or have a locking enclosure


Fruit requirements

A whole, intact, fruit or vegetable is an approved food source


Days of menus

3 days


Leftover requirements

potentially hazardous food leftovers shall be used or disposed of within 24 hours

non-potentially hazardous leftovers that have been heated or cooked may be refrigerated for up to 48 hours


**How do you serve milk?

shall be used for beverage and served directly into a glass from a milk dispenser or container


Milk temperature

Milk for drinking:

store at temp of 41 decrees F or below

don't store in frozen state


How much time does AL have to complete admission assessment?

30 days before, or at the time of, admission


When shall AL complete the comprehensive assessment?

1. within 14 days after admission of resident

2. once every 12 months thereafter AND

3. promptly after a significant change in resident's condition


Who shall complete assessments?

appropriate participation of health professionals trained in the assessment process


Who must coordinate and sign assessments?

registered nurse or the resident's personal physician


How long shall assessments be maintained?

for 5 years from date of assessment


How should the results of the resident's assessment be used?

1. to assist in determining appropriateness of resident's placement in AL in compliance with 310:663-3 and

2. to develop care plan for resident, in consultation with the resident