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"Abuse" definition

INTENTIONAL OR NEGLIGENT act or omission, directly and proximately resulting in physical or mental injury to a resident of a facility


"Administrator" definition

person who is in charge of a home and denotes 1/2 of his/her fl working time to on the job supervision of such home


"Maintenance" definition

meals, shelter and laundry services


"Neglect" definition

any act of omission or commission by any owner, operator, administrator, licensee or any agent, servant, employee or other person under the employment, supervision, etc. and which act is a direct and proximate cause of any physical or mental injury to a resident


"Personal Care" definition

assistance with meals, dressing, movement, bathing or other personal needs or maintenance or general supervision of the physical and mental well-being of a person who is capable of maintaining a private, independent residence, or who is incapable of managing his person whether or not a guardian has been appointed for such person.


"Residential Care Home":

1. any establishment/institution other than hotel, frat/sorority house, or college/dorm which offers or provides residential accommodations, food service and supportive assistance to any of its residents or houses any resident requiring supportive assistance who are not related to the owner or admin. of home by blood or marriage. Said residents shall be ambulatory and essentially capable of managing their own affairs, but do not routinely require skilled nursing care or intermediate care

2. Transitional Living Facility and halway houses are defined in Section 3-403 of Title 43A of Oklahoma Statutes

3. A residential care home may consist of a series of units or buildings which are not connected or part of the same structure


How far can the building/units be of the building housing the main kitchen and dining room?

within 175 feet


"Supportive Assistance" definition

service rendered to any person which is sufficent to enable the person to meet an adequate level of daily living


What does Supportive Assistance include?

- housekeeping
- assist in prep of meals
- assist in safe storage
- distribution/admin of medications
- assistance in personal care as is necessary for health and comfort of such person


Where must smoking take place?

more than 15 feet away from each entrance and of any air intakes


How long does a license last?

issued for 24 month period, expiring two years from date of issue


How often shall Department conduct inspections?

at least 3x year and whenever it deems necessary.

at least 1 inspection shall be unannounced


How many days does a home have after receipt of notice of violation to prepare/submit a plan of correction?

10 days


The plan of correction shall include a fixed time period not in excess of ______ which which the violations are to be corrected.

30 calendar days

- an additional 30 days may be requested and approved by the Department


What type of license can a Department issue to a RC home where violations exist?

Conditional license


What does a conditional license do?

shall revoke any license held by the home


What must every RC home conspicuously post in an area of its offices accessible to residents, employees and visitors?

1. current license

2. name of current administrator and their license posted

3. copy of Residents' Rights

4. Complaint procedure

5. Copy of any order pertaining to home issued by Department/Court, which is currently in effect


Every residential care home shall retain the following for public inspection:

1. copy of every inspection report from Department during past 3 years

2. copy of every order issued by Department/Court during past 3 years

3. Description of services provided, rates charged for services and items which may be charged separately

4. copy of statement of ownership

5. list of personnel who are licensed, certified or registered and employed or retained by RC, including area in which individual is credentialed


Who cannot be a member of the Residents' Advisory Council?

employee or affiliate of the home


The Residents' Advisory Council shall consist of ____________________________________.

No less than 10 people or 50% of the residents or residents' family


How often shall the Residents' Advisory Council meet?

at least monthly


The RC shall have a written policy statement that...

expressly prohibits the abuse or neglect of individuals it serves

Policy shall also include investigative procedures and actions to be taken when incidents occur


What shall an individual do if they become aware of abuse or neglect?

report immediately to Department and comply with other reporting requirements provided in O.S. Title 43A section 10-104


What shall the administrator of RC do if becomes aware of abuse or neglect?

immediately act to rectify the problem and make a report of the incident and its correction to the Department


Staff Training regarding abuse/neglect:

RC shall provide staff training in ID abuse and neglect and home's policies and procedures concerning the same.

Verification of the provision of the training shall be written, signed by staff attending and retained in the personnel files


Who must certify the electrical, heating and plumbing facilities?

a licensed plumber or licensed electrician


Heating systems shall maintain temperatures of...

not less than 65 degrees F, with maximum temperature of 85 degrees F, unless authorized or recommended by a physician


Fire safety in RC home with more than 6 beds:

shall provide documentation of annual inspection and approval prior to issuance of a license renewal


How many flashlights shall be maintained for ER Lighting?



Hot water temperatures at faucets accessible to residents shall be maintained within a range of:

100 - 120 degrees F