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What should you treat the inequality sign as when solving an linear inequality?

As an equals sign


How do you represent an inequality on a number line?

You draw a dot on the line where the number is (coloured in for equal to, left blank for not) and draw a line with an arrow the right direction


How do you solve a quadratic inequality?

original inequality: x² - 2x - 3 3)

(see pages 33 and 34 of textbook)


How do you simplify algebraic fractions?

Factorise, cancel, etc.


How do you add or subtract algebraic fractions?

Find a common denominator then add or subtract the numerators


How can you get common denominators for algebraic fractions with algebraic denominators?

Multiply each fraction by the other one's denominator over itself (so you are multiplying by 1 so the value doesn't change) so they have the same denominator


How do you solve an equation involving fractions?

You get the same denominator and multiply both sides by it, cancelling it out, then work the equation out