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What is the algorithm used when designing software known as?



What does an array store?

A list of data all of which are the same type


What is the purpose of input validation?

To ensure that software is robust by repeatedly asking for input data and rejecting invalid data until restrictions imposed by the software are met


How does finding maximum/minimum work?

Sets an initial value to the first item in an array and then compares it to the remaining items


How does counting occurrences work?

Sets a total to 0 at the beginning and increases the value as items are found to match the search item


How does linear search work?

Sets a Boolean variable to false initially and uses a conditional loop to set it to true when a specific item is found.
Loop is terminated when item is found or the end of the array is reached.


The linear search algorithm uses...

A conditional loop and a Boolean variable


The counting occurrences algorithm uses...

A fixed loop


What is an index?

The position in an array


Why are meaningful identifiers important when creating an algorithm?

So that programmers can understand and convert the algorithm to the corresponding high level language of their choosing


What is an algorithm?

Applied to structure the solution to a problem by a programmer while applying problem solving and computational thinking skills