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It is your friends birthday and you send him a photo of himself in place of a birthday card. What do you write at the back of the photo?

Feliz cumpleaños


You are in Mexico on an exchange visit. Send an email to your friend telling her of something you like about your new environment.

Me gustan las playas en México


You send a card to your brother who is about to write an important exam. What do you write?

Que salgas bien en tu examen
Que te vaya bien tu examen


You are designing your own invitation for your birthday party. What do you write?

Les invito a mi fiesta de cumpleaños que tendrá lugar el 8 de mayo en mi casa


You are chatting online with friends I want to be ask you to do something explain why it is inappropriate.

No puedo hacer eso porque es peligroso.


You send an email to your aunt who lives abroad informing her of something special you would like to do when you visit her.

Me gustaría ir de compras contigo cuando visite


Your father has left a note reminding you of a task which he would like you to complete. What does the note say.?

Quiero que laves los platos por favor


A secret admirer is shy and wishes to invite you on a date right when note which she or he sends to you.

? Puedes ir al cine conmigo?


Your cousin lost a competition and is very upset right on the word of encouragement that you sent to him or her.

No te preocupes porque vas a ganar la próxima competencia


The security guard at your school has unjustly accused you of something. Write a note to the principal explain how you feel about it.

Me siento triste porque no lo hice


Your mother has written you an email giving you some advice while you are in Caracas. What does your mother right?

Sugiero que no lleves todo tu efectivo en el mismo bolsillo


You are spending Christmas holidays in Puerto Rico. You send an email to your best friend expressing your opinion about Christmas in Puerto Rico. What do you write?

En mi opinión la navidad en Puerto Rico es muy divertida
Me gusta la navidad en Puerto Rico


You are applying to college overseas and must submit a statement expressing the reason you have selected that particular college watch do you write

Este colegio ofrece el curso que quiero estudiar


You need to see the schools counselor write an email requesting an appointment to see him or her.

Quisiera tener una cita con el consejero por favor.


Your Spanish class is planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country. Write the email you sent it to your teacher stating why you will not be able to go on the trip.

No puedo ir porque mi familia va a otro país


Your school is participating in and into the school football competition but your school team is not doing well. A supporter sent an email encouraging the players to do better. What does the message say?

No se preocupen. Son buenos jugadores


You were very rude to your father this morning and you are now ashamed of your conduct. Write an email you sent to his office.

Lo siento por mi mala conducta esta mañana


You take a phone message for your sister about the change of plans for the weekend. what message to you write?

Tu amigo dice que no puede ir al cine este fin de semana


You send an email to your aunt who lives overseas reminding her of a promise you made to you last week. what does the email say?

No olvides comprar el vestido que me prometiste


You have received and end of term report and are disappointed about a particular grade. What do you write in a note to your teacher?

Qué lástima que no saqué una mejor nota


A penpal from Spain wishes to know what the weather is like in your country during the Christmas season. Respond to his or her email.

Hace calor durante la navidad
Hace buen tiempo aquí durante la Navidad


Patricia has sent you an email asking about your plans for the weekend. Respond to her email.

Este fin de semana yo iré de compras
Este fin de semana yo voy a ir de compras


Your friend has sent an email suggesting that you both participate in an activity on the weekend. Respond, indicating an alternative as your preference.

Yo prefiero ir al cine en vez de ver el juego de baloncesto


Send an email to a friend telling him or her of one of the school rules that you do not like

No me gusta que los teléfonos celulares no estén permitidos


You are trying to entice your cousins abroad to come to your country for a holiday. Mention one positive characteristic of the people of your country that you include in a letter to them.

La gente aquí es muy amable.


You are having a meeting with the student council to discuss plans for the graduation board. Right one suggestion you would like to make at the meeting.

Sugiero que vayamos a un hotel.
Sugiero que pongan más mesas.
Recomiendo que busquemos un espacio más grande.


You thought you had done well on an exam but in fact you field into write the note you sent it to your teacher querying your grade.

Está segura que esa es mi nota?


Someone has stolen an item from you send an email to your friend telling him or her about the incident

Alguien robó mi reloj del cuarto
Yo estaba caminando a mi casa cuando me robaron


You are very happy today send an email to your friend stating the reason.

Yo estoy muy feliz porque no hay examen hoy.


Send an email to a friend telling him or her something interesting you overheard at Linda’s birthday party last night

Anoche en la fiesta de Mauricio escuché que va a ir a otra escuela