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Before a cancer client receiving total parenteral nutrition resumes a normal diet, the nurse teaches him about dietary sources of minerals. Which foods are good sources of zinc?

Whole grains and meats


A nurse is caring for a client who has undergone hemicolectomy for colon cancer. The woman has two children. Which concepts about families should the nurse keep in mind when providing care for this client? Select all that apply.

  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns may be signs of stress in a family.
  • A family member may have more than one role at a time in the family.
  • The effects of an illness on a family depend on the stage of the family's life cycle.
  • Illness in one family member can affect all family members.


A nurse is caring for a client she believes has been abusing opiates. Assessment findings in a client abusing opiates such as morphine include:

euphoria and constricted pupils.


A nurse is assessing a client with possible osteoarthritis. The most significant risk factor for primary osteoarthritis is:



The parents of a neonate with hypospadias and chordee wish to have him circumcised. Which of the following explanations should the nurse incorporate into the discussion with the parents concerning the recommendation to delay circumcision?

The foreskin is used to repair the deformity surgically.


In a client with enteritis and frequent diarrhea, the nurse should anticipate:

metabolic acidosis.


A client who has had the jaws wired begins to vomit. What should be the nurse's first action?

Suction the client's airway as needed.


A client is admitted to the facility with a productive cough, night sweats, and a fever. Which action is most important in the initial care plan?

Placing the client in respiratory isolation


A client with rheumatoid arthritis arrives at the clinic for a checkup. Which statement by the client refers to the most overt clinical manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis?

My finger joints are oddly shaped.


A nurse is teaching a client with a left fractured tibia how to walk with crutches. Which instruction is appropriate?

All weight should be on the hands.


A 10-year-old with glomerulonephritis reports a headache and blurred vision. The nurse should immediately:

Obtain the child's blood pressure.


An elderly client had posterior packing inserted to control a severe nosebleed. After insertion of the packing, the client should be closely monitored for which of the following complications?



A nurse is assessing a client with heart failure. The breath sounds commonly auscultated in clients with heart failure are:

fine crackles.


A nurse is assessing the injection site of a client who has received a purified protein derivative test. Which finding indicates a need for further evaluation?

15-mm induration


A diabetic postpartum client plans to breastfeed. The nurse determines that the client’s understanding of breastfeeding instructions is sufficient when she states:

“Breastfeeding will assist in lowering maternal blood glucose.”


For healing by secondary intention, a client's wound has been packed with medicated dressings. The nurse assesses the wound. Which finding indicates wound healing?

The granulation tissue is at the wound edges.


A client is scheduled for a colonoscopy in 2 days. The nurse is instructing the client on actions to take the day before the procedure. Place the instructions in the order the client should perform the tasks, from first to last.

  • Follow a clear liquid diet.
  • Drink one bottle of citrate of magnesia.
  • Drink 1 gallon of bowel preparation.
  • Remain NPO.


The nurse is admitting a child who has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis to the pediatric unit. The nurse should implement which type of isolation?

Droplet precautions.


When preparing to obtain a neonatal screening test for phenylketonuria (PKU), the neonate must have received which of the following to ensure reliable results?

Initial formula or breast milk at least 24 hours before the test.


The parent of an 18-year-old with chronic renal disease states, "My son has so many problems. I'm really worried that he will not get the right care if he gets sick at college." The nurse should tell the parent:

Your son can make an e-health history to facilitate his care if he gets sick away from home.


In preparation for discharge, the nurse teaches the mother of an infant diagnosed with bronchiolitis about the condition and its treatment. Which of the following statements by the mother indicates successful teaching?

I need to wash my hands more often.


Which of the following nursing interventions will promote successful achievement of Erikson’s stage of development for the 3–year-old toddler?

Encouraging the toddler to assist in removing a dressing on the leg.


A client with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease presents with respiratory acidosis and hypoxemia. He tells the nurse that he doesn't want to be placed on a ventilator. What action should the nurse take?

Notify the physician immediately so he can determine client competency.


A client with Raynaud's phenomenon is prescribed diltiazem (Cardizem). An expected outcome is:

Reduced episodes of finger numbness.


A 14-year-old adolescent on her third admission for panic attacks tells the nurse that her uncle has been making sexual advances toward her. She begs the nurse to not say anything because she's afraid of what her uncle will do. What should be the nurse's initial response?

The law requires me to make a report so you can be protected.


Because a client's renal stone was found to be composed of uric acid, a low-purine, alkaline-ash diet was ordered. Incorporation of which of the following food items into the home diet would indicate that the client understands the necessary diet modifications?

Milk, apples, tomatoes, and corn.


A nurse is teaching a client with osteomalacia how to take ordered vitamin D supplements. Which adverse effects should the nurse instruct the client to report?

GI upset and metallic taste


The nurse is preparing to administer blood to a client who requires postoperative blood replacement. The nurse should use a blood administration set that has a:

Micron mesh filter.


A school-age child is admitted to the facility with a diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). The nurse formulates a nursing diagnosis of Risk for infection. What is the most effective way for the nurse to reduce the child's risk of infection?

Practicing thorough hand washing


Which plane divides the body longitudinally into anterior and posterior regions?

Frontal plane