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Describe allergic rhinitis

…nasal congestion, a watery nasal discharge and sneezing; may affect eyes: red, itchy conjunctiva

20% of cases have asthma with rhinitis

Antigen-antibody reaction in the nasal mucosa

Seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
Reaction only to pollen
Perennial allergic rhinitis
Dust, house dust mites’ fecal matter, fungal spores and animal dander

Develops from interaction of inhaled allergen and adjacent molecules of immunoglobulin IgE antibodies
Repeated exposure creates an “explosion” releasing histamine

Sneezing is the result of overstimulation of afferent nerve endings, followed by increased nasal secretion, then nasal blockage within 15-20 minutes of contact with allergen


Acute sneezing, nasal itch, runny nose with copious, thin, watery mucous, obstruction; reduced or lessen sense of smell; itchy irritated watery eye; frontal or maxillary h/a;

T: normal, thin white coat
P: floating, tight
TX: Warm Lungs, disperse Cold; Warm, transform Phlegm fluids, redirect Lung Qi
LU 7, LI 4, BL 12, 13; LI 20; GV 23; GB 20; Yin Tang
Xiao Qing Long Tang

Wind Cold

Most common, acute presentation; invades nose, obstructs passages


Episodes of paroxysmal sneezing, itchy, copious watery discharge, congestion; exacerbated by Wind or cold air; reduction or loss of sense of smell; frequent colds; soft, low voice; SOB; spontaneous sweating; waxy, pale complexion; in atopic (genetic) individuals, Hx of eczema or asthma

T: pale, thin white coat
P: deficient, weak
TX: Warm and tonify the Lungs, Expel Wind
GB 20, LI 20, 19, 4; BL 13, 20, 23; LU 7, 9; ST 36; KD 6
Yu Ping Feng San
Cang Er Zi San

LU Qi deficiency

Weak Wei Qi doesn’t nourish the respiratory tract


Recurrent severe nasal congestion, runny nose, thin watery or sticky white mucous; swollen nasal mucosa; nasal itch, sneezing; less/loss of smell; heaviness, woolly h/a; fatigue; aversion to cold; tired limbs; poor appetite, picky eater; loose stools, diarrhea;
With Phlegm, common pattern in children with excess dairy and sugar consumption. Focus is quantity and persistence of mucous

T: pale or pale swollen, scalloped, thin coat
P: soft and weak
TX: Strengthen Spleen, tonify Qi, Lungs, consolidate Qi
ST 40; SP 3; ST 36; LU 7; BL 20, 13; GB 20; LI 20; LI 19; GV 23; LI 4
Liu Jun Zi Tang

LU & SP qi deficiency


Years of perennial nasal itch, congestion, sneezing, watery discharge, worse in morning and evening, after sex or when fatigued; less or loss of smell; pale, wet, edematous mucosa; If only Wei Qi def., no other KD Sx;

Chronic pattern, often from childhood, frequently in atopic patients with asthma and eczema; due to constitutional/environmental factors, may be Yin, or commonly Yang def.;

KD deficiency


Cold intolerance, worse after exposure to cold, weak sore lower back, low libido, impotence, nocturia, frequent urination, or edema with scanty urine; lethargy, pallor,

T: pale, swollen
P: deep, thready, weak pulse
TX: Tonify, support Kidney Yang
BL 23; GV 4; CV 4, 6; GB 39; GV 20; BL 15; LU 7, 9; KD 6, 7; Yin Tang, Bi Tong Moxa: Jing/Yang
Jin Gui Shen Qi Tang

KD Yang deficiency


Dizziness and tinnitus, forgetfulness, insomnia, five palm heat, facial flushing, night sweats,

T: red, dry, little or no coat
P: thready, rapid pulse
TX: Tonify and nourish Kidney Yin
BL 23; GV 4; CV 4, 6; GB 39; GV 20; BL 15;
LU 7, 9; KD 6, 7; Yin Tang, Bi Tong
Moxa: Jing/Yang def.
Zuo Gui Wan

KD yin deficiency


With no obvious Yang or Yin deficiency signs, symptoms reflect general Kidney Qi weakness; sore lower back and knees, nocturia, low libido, weak KD pulse
If Jing deficiency: + forgetfulness, poor memory, graying, lifeless or falling hair

BL 23; GV 4; CV 4, 6; GB 39; GV 20; BL 15;
LU 7, 9; KD 6, 7; Yin Tang, Bi Tong
Moxa: Jing/Yang def.

KD qi/jing deficiency