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Describe Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 previously known as juvenile onset or insulin dependent DM

Adolescence, autoimmune or infectious destruction of the insulin producing ß-cells of the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. Genetic, in combination with environmental exposure triggers; pancreas no longer produces insulin.


Describe Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 previously known as mature onset or non-insulin dependent DM

Resistance of target cells to the influence of insulin; Insulin levels in the blood are too high, insulin cell receptors are insensitive, glucose not transported into the cells. Hyperglycemia results.


Fatigue, tired, weak worse mid afternoon, after eating; muscle weak, poor tone; variable appetite swings, crave sweets, carbos; abdom. distention; dry mouth, thirst; copious urination, frequent, turbid or frothy; pale complexion, lips; loose stools or diarrhea; spontaneous sweating; under or overweight;
T: pale, swollen, scalloped; possibly greasy white coat
P: weak, thready
TX: Tonify SP/ST, regulate Qi
CV 12, ST 36, 40; SP 6, 3; BL 20, 21; Yishu

Spleen and Stomach Deficiency


Dry mouth, throat, skin, hair and mucous membranes; increased urinary frequency, nocturia; fatigue, weakness; pale complexion, red cheeks; breathlessness, palpitations; lower back, legs weak and aching; spontaneous sweats, mild night sweats; hands and feet heat; digestive weakness; numbness, tingling in extremities; facial, peripheral edema; high blood glucose, glucosuria;
T: slight red, swollen, scalloped; thin or patchy coat
P: deep, weak, thready
TX: Strengthen SP & KD; Supplement Qi and Yin
BL 20, 23; LIV 3; PC 6; ST 36; SP 6; Yishu

Qi and Yin Deficiency


Intense thirst, drinking volumes of fluids, dry mucus membranes, constipation; ravenous hunger; frequent, copious urine, yellow or cloudy; glucosuria; spontaneous sweating; irritability, restlessness; weakness, fatigue, weight loss; mouth ulcers; elevated blood glucose; T: slight pale to red; dry patchy peeled coat P: large, forceless, rapid; or thready and rapid
TX: Clear Heat from LU and ST, generate fluids, moisten dryness
CV 12, BL 13, 20, 21; LI 11; ST 43, 36; SP 6; Yishu (1.5 cun lateral to T-8) EAR: SP, LU, 0, Pancreas, endocrine

Lung / Stomach Heat with Qi and Fluid damage


Dry mouth, thirst, sticky mouth, thick saliva; vertigo, dizziness; foggy head; puffy face; thick fingers; muscles firm; overweight; tired, heaviness, lassitude; heaviness, oppression in chest; bloating, acid reflux, belching, crave sweets; loose and sluggish stools; constipated, not dry; elevated blood glucose; phlegm type masses; numbness, heaviness;
T: normal to pale, swollen, fat; greasy coating;
P: deep, wiry, slippery
TX: Transform Phlegm damp, Tonify SP/ST Qi
CV 12 SP 3; ST 40, 36; PC 5; BL 15, 18, 20; Yishu

Phlegm Damp


Frequent, copious urination, nocturia; urine may be cloudy, turbid or leave sediment; glucosuria; thirst, dry mouth and tongue; dry skin, hair; facial flushing, five palm heat, night sweats; lower back pain, knees; dry eyes; dizziness, tinnitus; impotence; scanty menses; frequent or persistent skin infections; slow healing; chronic thrush; weight loss;
T: red, dry; little or no coat
P: thready, rapid
TX: Nourish and supplement Liver and Kidney Yin
BL 18, 20, 23; CV 4; SP 6; KD 2, 3, 6; Yishu

Kidney, Heart and Liver Yin Deficiency


Numbness and tingling of extremities, with dark purple or brown discoloration; mild edema; chronic non-healing ulcers with dark margins, slow healing cuts, abrasions; vascular congestion, spider veins; chest pain, angina; visual weakness, partial loss of vision or blind;
T: purple or mauve, purple patches or stasis spots; dark veins
P: choppy or irregular, intermittent
TX: Activate blood and Qi, free the channels; support Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang as needed
BL 15, 17, 18, 20, 23; CV 4; SP 10, 6; LIV 3; Yishu
Peripheral Neuropathy: LI 15, 11, 10, 4; ST 36, 40

Blood Stasis


Moderate thirst or dryness without great desire to drink; hungry but no desire to eat; bitter taste, bad breath; epi. and abdom. fullness and distention; muscle aches, heaviness; sluggish, bad smelling stools, or constipation; patients often overweight; glucosuria, frothy, turbid or concentrated urine; elevated blood glucose; pruritis, recurrent boils, thrush, numbness or burning in feet.
T: thick, dry or greasy white or yellow coat
P: soggy, slippery, maybe rapid
TX: Clear damp heat from mid Jiao, tonify Qi and Yin as needed
BL 20, 21, 39; CV 12; SP 15, 9, 6; ST 36, 25; Yishu

Damp Heat Blocking the Middle Jiao


Frequent, copious urination; nocturia; fluids pass through immediately; incontinence; glucosuria; pale and puffy, flushed complexion; dry mouth, tongue; lower back and legs cold, aching, weak; cold pale or purple feet; hearing loss; heat in upper body; aversion to cold; diarrhea, undigested food; impotence, infertility;
T: pale, swollen, dry, white coat; dark veins
P: deep, thready, weak
TX: Warm and supplement KD Yang, Yin and fluids
BL 23; GV 4; CV 6, 4, 8; KD 3; ST 36; SP 6; moxa box

Kidney and Heart Yang and Yin Deficiency


Thirst, dry mouth and throat, bitter taste, variable appetite; irritability, anger; dry, red or sore irritated eyes; stiff sore neck and shoulders; tension or migraine headaches; colicky abdominal pain, distention; sluggish BM or constipation, alternating; belching; irregular menses, PMS; elevated blood glucose; possible mild glucosuria; worse with stress; rarely overweight.
T: red edges, swollen, slight scalloped, thin yellow coat.
P: wiry, thready; rapid
TX: Harmonize Liver/Spleen, clear heat, cool LIV & ST
BL 18, 20; LIV 3; PC 6; ST 36; SP 6

Liver and Spleen Disharmony with Constrained Heat