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What is the range and habitat of the American crocodile?

It is found from the tip of Florida to the northern part of South america in saltwater or brackish rivers, lakes, lagoons, islands, beaches, and swamps.


True or false, the saltwater crocodile is the only species of crocodile to live and thrive in saltwater.

False. The American crocodile frequents saltwater as well.


How long can an American crocodile get?

Males can reach over twenty feet but average around 15. Females rarely get over twelve.


What do American crocodiles eat?

Their diet is mostly fish, reptiles, birds, and small mammals. They only occasionally eat large mammals.


Are American crocodiles aggressive?

Yes, but less so than other crocodiles and attacks on humans are rare.


Where does the phrase "crocodile tears" come from?

It comes from the fact that a crocodile has lachrymal glands that produce tears when it is eating. They also cry on other occasions.


Name some adaptions of the American crocodile.

Nictating Membrane: Allows them to see underwater.
Crushing Jaws: Allows them to break the bones of prey.
Camoflague: The cryptic coloring allows it to hide and sneak attack its prey.
High eyes and nostrils: Allows them to peek over the surface while remaining submerged.
Strong tail and webbed feet: Allows them to swim easily.
Salt gland: Allows them to inhabit salty waters.


How fast can an American crocodile swim?

Up to 20 mph.


How much can an American crocodile weigh?

Over a ton.


True or false, American crocodiles are not as tolerant of cold climates as American alligators.

True. American crocodiles are strictly tropical animals.


What animals do American crocodiles have cleaning symbiosis with?

Fish. This contrasts with old world crocodiles, who rely mostly on birds.


What are some predators of the American crocodile?

None except man. It is an apex predator.


When do American crocodiles primarily hunt?

Right after nightfall.


Is body size or age more important in determining maturity in American crocodiles?

Body size.


How long are female american crocodile when they are sexually mature?

Around ten feet.


What determines the sex of a crocodile baby?



How many eggs does the American crocodile lay?

30 - 70 (depends on her size)


How long is the incubation period of the American crocodile?

75 - 80 days


Do American crocodiles guard their nest?



How do mother American crocodiles care for their young?

She will help them get out of their eggs. Then she will carry them in her mouth to the water and watch them for a few weeks after they are born.


How do male American crocodiles call to the female?

They make low-frequency bellows.


Are American crocodiles threatened?

Yes. They are overall vulnerable and endangered in some parts of their range.


What are some threats to the American crocodile?

Fishing, pollution, loss of habitat, hunting, and removal of wild animals for farming. Population numbers are generally data deficient.


How many American crocodiles are left in South Florida?

It is estimated to be between 500 and 1200.