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What is a requirement of Light Whiskey made in the United States

Must be distilled to a minimum of 160º proof ( 80% abv) and aged in New or uncharred barrels.


What is the proof that Bourbon must be distilled at?

No more than 160º proof (80% abv)


What is the proof that Bourbon must be barrelled at?

No more than 125º proof (62.5% abv) and in new charred oak barrels.


What is teh maximum amount of corn used in Bourbon?

There is no maximum. 51% is the minimum.


Are Exogenous Enzymes allowed in the making of Bourbon



What is the difference between bourbon and corn whiskey

-Corn Whiskey must be 80% corn on the mash bill or more.
-Corn whiskey does not have to be stored in Oak. and if it is, it must be un-charred new oak.


What is the definition of Tennessee Whiskey?

-It is a Bourbon that must be filtered through maple charcoal before aging.
-This was defined by the Tennessee State Legislature in 2013


What is Lincoln County Process

Filtered though maple charcoal prior to aging.


What do most distillers consider the principal elements that shape the style and quality of American Whiskey?

- Mash Bill
- Yeast
- Maturation


The law states that bourbon must be placed in new charred oak containers. What does it not specify?

It does not specify,
- Type of wood
- Size of vessel
- Minimum time spent in said container


What is an ASB?

an American Standard Barrel
- 50-53 gallons (180-200L)
- Made from American Oak


What is a dephlegmator

A small condenser in the top of a column still.


What are are three key factors that help to determine the style of spirit produced from a beer still and doubler?

- Group 1 fractions are being continuously isolated and removed from the system
- Group 3 fractions are not isolated and removed as systematically as they are in stills that produce higher strength Spirits.
- These stills are typically run at relatively high temperatures with high flow rates. this limits the amount of both reflux and rectification that can take place.


How can you best discribe a newly made spirits from a beer still and doubler compared to other column stills?

Relatively low in strength with notably sharper and coarser texture compared to other column stills.

Note: although softened during maturation, this is fundamentally the style of American Whiskey.