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name some beverages in hospitality

coffee, tea, fizzy drinks


name some types of accommodation

basic luxury, hotels, b∧bs, guest houses, Inns,


name some services in hospitality

vending, private functions, events management


state three industries in hospitality

events, hotels, restaurants


how should a waiter/ waitress behave when ordering food

polite, happy, confident, welcoming


what unhygenic things must we not do in the hospitality industry

stroke/scratch hair, rub your ears, rub your eyes, not wash your hands


what do you expect from a employee in the hospitality industry

polite, patient, clean uniform, neat and tidy, welcoming, hygienic, well-mannered


name types of hotel industry transport

taxi, shuttle buses


other than hotels name two other types of food industry places that provide accomodations

inns, b and bs, Guest Houses, Self Catering Apartments


give an example of a utility in hospitality

gas, electric, water


name two services that hotels can provide

haidressing, beauty salons, spa


state two types of suppliers restaurants can use

Manufacturers, Distributers


how can you prevent pilferage from your industry

restrict entry to storage areas, cctv


how can a fast food industry prevent polution to the enviroment

use electrial ovens, use environmentally friendly packaging


in a managed restaurant how can you make sure a new member of staff is trained

monitor training via feedback from other staff, inductions, offer job shadowing opportunities


identify two types of restaurants

coffee shop, fine dining, fast food


what is another name for a bill



what ways can banks help hotels with food catering

give the hotel loans that they can pay back, give the hotel a bank account for their earnings


give one way transport sector can support hotels

shuttle buses to the airport


what is a free house

a free house is a pub that is not owned by a brewery therefore not restricted to selling different brands of beer


what is a statement

a statement is a listing of all business transactions for a month or period of time.


what are advantages of wearing a uniform

wearing a uniform can help a business make staff look smart and presentable and that they are representing the business. another reason is the customers can tell who works at the business.


what are the names of each step in the purchasing cycle in order

purchasing order, delivery note, returns note, credit note, invoice, statement


how is a business run by a sole trader

the business is run by one person who may employ staff


what is partnership in a business

A partnership in business is run by 2 or more owners who may or may not employ staff


what is the scope and scale of an industry

the scope and scale of an industry is if the industry is local, national or international. it is also the location and size of the business


what are two advantages of contract catering

controls cost result in higher profits, number of legal responsibilities can pass to the third party, expertise in selecting the best food, reduce resource required to the business as the contract catering company takes care of food.


what are two disadvantages of contact catering

not all cost savings and economies passed on to client organisations, potential reduction controls, risk of poor performance from third party.


name two advantages of in-house catering

in house catering can respond faster to needs of the organisations, in house catering can retain profit


name two disadvantages of in-house catering

the lack of expertise, lack of machinery required to provide food at speed, it increases senior management time required from an organisation