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Windshear definition?

Windshear is a change in direction and or speed either in the horizontal or vertical.Degrees- Light, Moderate, strong, severeWhen reporting to ATC; ( define category, then undershoot, overshoot)Undershoot- below the glidepath with a decreasing airspeedOvershoot- above glidepath with an increasing airspeedSome airlines ie QANTAS have a reference ground speed.Below 1000AGL- unacceptable change in your flight path, IAS 15kt, 5 degrees Attitude, 500ft/min ROD change, 1 dot displacement from glideslope, unusual thrust lever position for a significant period of time.


What does High intensity Runway Edge Lights mean?

Lights spaced 60m apart


What distance does the centreline lighting turn red and white and then red?

900m - red & white300m - red


When do the runway edge lights turn amber?

Last 600m


What does "Ceiling" mean?

The height above the ground or water of the base of the lowest layer of clouds below 6,000 meters (20,000ft) covering more than 4/8 of the sky.


What is DA DHAHMDA referenced to and based on?

DA- Mean Sea Level, based on barometric altimeterDH- Threshold Elevation or touchdown zone elevation, based on radio altimeterAH- Threshold elevation or touchdown zone elevation, based on radio altimeterMDA- Mean sea level, based on barometric altimeter


What are the required documents for flight?

Your a DARER if you ride the JR Odd People with black bags Ask Me Questions about Operations Specifications and crew members carrying OM's and Route manuals with Jeppesen charts in them.


When do runway edge lights turn yellow?

The last 600m from the runway end.


CAT I Minima?

DH not lower then 200ftRVR not less then 550mRVR not available use CMV (800m)


CAT II minima?

DH lower then 200ft but not lower then 100ftRVR not less then 300m


CAT III a minima?

AH and company minima composed of a RVR not less than 175m