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What other techniques can be used to improve oxygenation?

1) Anaemia - failure of tissue delivery is best treated with blood transfusion

2) Secretion retention - requires physiotherapy, mucolytic agents and occasionally bronchoscopy to remove impacted sputum plugs and improve alveolar ventilation

3) Fluid restriction - reduces alveolar oedema in settings of increased alveolar permeability (e.g. ARDS)

4) Alveolar recruitment - improves oxygenation by reducing V/Q mismatch and shunt. Simple postural changes, regular turning and prone positioning improve secretion drainage and oxygenation in supine patients. Techniques that increase mean alveolar pressure (e.g. PEEP, CPAP) also improve alveolar recruitment and oxygenation

5) Ventilatory support - improves oxygenation by correcting hypoventilation and associated hypercapnia