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In 1988, what org added pre-use checkout, O2 analyzer, vaporizer calibration, alarms,...?

American Society of Testing


What is purpose of Noninterchangeable gas-specific connections to pipeline inlets (DISS) with pressure gauges, filter, & check valve?

Prevent incorrect pipeline attachments; detect failure, depletion, or fluctuation


what is purpose of
Pin index safety system (PISS) for cylinders with pressure gauges, & at least one oxygen cylinder

Prevent incorrect cylinder attachments; provide backup gas supply; detect depletion


What is purpose of Low O2 pressure alarm

Detect O2 supply failure at the common gas inlet


what is purpose of Minimum O2/N2O ratio controller device (hypoxic guard)

Prevent delivery of less than 21% O2


what is purpose of O2 failure safety device (shut-off or proportioning device)

Prevent administration of N2O or other gases when the O2 supply fails


What is purpose of O2 must enter the common manifold downstream to other gases

Prevent hypoxia in event of proximal gas leak


What is purpose of O2 concentration monitor & alarm

Prevent administration of hypoxic gas mixtures in event of a low-pressure system leak; precisely regulate O2 concentration


What is purpose of Automatically enabled essential alarms & monitors (ex. O2 concentration)

Prevent use of the machine without essential monitors


What is purpose of Vaporizer interlock device

Prevent simultaneous administration of more than one volatile agent


Capnography & anesthetic gas measurement

Guide ventilation; prevent anesthetic overdose; help reduce awareness


What is purpose of Breathing circuit pressure monitor & alarm

Prevent pulmonary barotrauma & detect sustained positive, high peak, & negative airway pressures


what is purpose of Exhaled volume monitor

Assess ventilation & prevent hypo- or hyperventilation


What is purpose of Mechanical ventilator

Control alveolar ventilation more accurately & during muscle paralysis for prolonged periods


What is purpose of Scavenger system

Prevent contamination of the OR with waste anesthetic gases


What are high pressure components of gas distribution?

High pressure from cylinders
1.Hanger yoke (including filter & unidirectional valve)
2. Yoke block
3.Cylinder pressure gauge
4. Cylinder pressure regulators


What are intermediate pressure components?

1. Pipeline inlets & pressure gauges
2. Gas power outlet (ventilatory/accessory outlet)
3. Master switch (pneumatic component)
4. Oxygen flush valve
5. Oxygen pressure failure device (fail-safe) & alarm
6. Oxygen & nitrous oxide second-stage pressure regulators
7. Flowmeter valves


What is intermediate pressure?

37-55 psi (this is pipeline or pressure after cylinder regulator)


what prevents reverse gas flow into pipelines?

one-way check valve


what is the function of gas power outlet?

gas source for ventilator
or supply gas for a jet ventilator


Where is the master switch located in relation to the inlets for cylinder & pipeline supplies?



What is NOT permitted when machine is in stand by ?

• No gas can flow to the patient
• No electrical power goes to the Ventilator, Display, or CPU
• O2 Flush is still available provided an oxygen supply is connected
• Electrical outlets (if equipped) are still active
• Battery will recharge


What still works when the machine is turned OFF?

Auxillary flow metter
Flush 02


What supplies the O2 flush button?

pipeline or cylinder (which ever is higher)


What is the flow of O2 flush to common outlet?

35-75 L/min


When on the ventilator when can you use the O2 flush?

when the bellow are goin up


What is O2 Fail-Safe device/alarm?

Device that shuts off or proportionally decreases all gases except oxygen or alarms when oxygen pressure has fallen to a dangerous level (usually <30 psig)


How does O2 Fail-Safe device/alarm help?

They aid in preventing hypoxia caused by problems occurring upstream in the machine circuitry (disconnected oxygen hose, low oxygen pressure in the pipeline, & depletion of oxygen cylinders).


In the Datex-Ohmeda O2 fail-safe, when do gas flows stop?

when O2 pressure < 20 psi
(stops flow of both N2O and air)


In the Drager Oxygen Failure Protection Device, does what when O2 pressure fails?

N2O flow decrease proportionally with O2 pressure


When is the alarm component of the O2 Fail-Safe device/alarm activated?

when O2 pressure <30 psig


What is the function of the Secondary pressure regulator?

Reduce intermediate pressure to low pressure (20 psi O2, 38 psi N2O)

Decrease pressure fluctuations (in pipeline)


On the flowmeter valves, which way do you turn the knob to allow gas flow into the flowtube?

counter clockwise


What are low pressure components?

1.Hypoxic guard/proportioning systems
2. Flowmeter tubes
3. Vaporizers
4. Check valves (if present)
5. Common gas outlet


Where do the low pressure components start?

after flow control valves


On link 25, how many teeth on each sprocket?

N20 = 14
O2 = 28


when does the link 25 kick in?

when N2O flow is 3 x that of O2


what does the kick in tab of link 25 allow?

This means that oxygen can always be turned up without affecting the amount of nitrous oxide being delivered. Conversely, nitrous oxide can always be turned down without affecting the volume of oxygen being delivered.


When considering flow meters, how does altitude effect the flow meters?

Increased altitude (decreased barometric pressure) will result in flow rates that are greater than indicated on the flowmeter.


what are the volumes of low flow and high flow tubes?

low = mL
High = L


Where is O2 on the flow meter sequence?

oxygen is the last gas before the manifold outlet because it is the safest arrangement