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Why do we verify backup ventilation equipment is available and which step is this in our checkout?

if machine fails, AMBU bag is only way to continue positive pressure ventilation


Why do we check Oxygen cylinder supply

The Oxygen cylinder is your backup supply if the pipeline supply fails


Why do we turn the oxygen cylinder off immediately after turning it on

1, prevent silent depletion
2. set off low 02 alarm if pipeline fails


What pressure should the gauge read for central pipeline supply?

around 50 psi


In order to check the low pressure system (on machines that aren't fully automated) what must we confirm?

that the machine is off (prevent a false positive leak)


how exactly does the low pressure leak check work?

creates vacuum to see if there are cracks in the flow meter tubes or vaporizers


what is the purpose of the hypoxid guard mechanism on the flow meters?

prevents Fi02 from becoming less that 25% when nitrogen is turned on


What is the purpose of calibrating the O2 sensor?

ability to monitor gas mixture O2 concentration being delivered. Prevent hypoxic scenarios


What is the purpose of circuit leak check?

confirm no leaks in the breathing circuit


How can you measure the amount of leak in the breathing circuit?

turn gas (O2 or air) on, increase until pressure gauge stops moving.


What pressure should you hold to test the circuit?

greater than 30 cmH20


Why do we test the ventilator system?

1. ensure it works
2. insure inspiratory and expiratory valves work


What is the result of a stuck expiratory valve?

increase pressure in the patients lungs


What is the result of a stuck inspiratory valve?

increase pressure in the machine