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List the tests used to assess ligamentous instability of the ankle/foot?

1. Anterior drawer test
2. Talar tilt
3. Medial Subtalar glide test


List the tests used to assess syndesmosis instability/pain at the ankle/foot.

1. External rotation stress (kleiger) test
2. Dorsiflexion—external rotation stress test
3. Squeeze Test


A therapist hypothesizes that his patient may have an achilles’ tendon rupture. What test should be used to confirm his hypothesis?

Thompson’s test


List the tests used to assess plantar fasciitis.

1. Windlass test
A. WB test
B. NWB test


What ligament is being tested when using the Anterior drawer test at the ankle?

At 20 degrees PF, the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) is being assessed.

At 0 degrees DF, the calcaneofibular ligament (CFL) is being assessed.


A physical therapist has decided to use the talar tilt special test. What ligament would the therapist be assessing with this test?

Calcaneofibular ligament (CFL)—move foot into maximal adduction to stress this ligament


During the talar tilt test a therapist maximally abduction the foot, which ligament is being stressed in this position?

Stresses the deltoid ligament


A physical therapist just discovered that his patient presents with a positive Thompson’s test. What should the therapists next action entail?

The therapist should immediately refer the patient to an orthopedic surgeon for immediate immobilization and surgical repair