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A therapist is trying to rule out a fracture or joint injury at the elbow. What test should he/she use?

Elbow Extension test


List the ligamentous instability tests for the elbow.

1. Varus/Valgus Stress test
2. Moving valgus stress test


A therapist hypothesizes that his patient may have rupture his biceps tendon. What common sign would be associated with this pathology?

Biceps rupture: Popeye’s sign


List the test used to assess neurological dysfunction in the elbow joint?

1. Elbow flexion test
2. Pinch grip test


Elbow flexion test is used by a therapist to identify what syndrome?

Cubital tunnel syndrome


A therapist is using the pinch grip test to identify entrapment of which nerve?

Anterior interosseous nerve


What is a common compensation during the pinch grip test

Pulp to pulp pinch instead of tip to tip pinch with the index finger and thumb


A therapist is using the Valgus stress test at the elbow to test the integrity of which ligament?

Ulnar Collateral ligament (UCL) (MCL)


A therapist is using the Varus stress test at the elbow to test the integrity of which ligament?

Radial collateral ligament (LCL)


During the Varus/Valgus Stress test at the elbow what position should the therapist place the patient’s elbow?

0-20 degrees of lesion


During the moving valgus stress test a positive test would be indicated by what?

Pain elicited during 120-70 degrees of elbow flexion which indicates partial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament