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Describe the style of the musical style of these songs

Cuban Son: fusion of musical elements from the Spanish and Africans;
West Africa: syncopated, layered rhythms, call and response and the use of percussion instruments that developed from African models.
European styles come from the use of functional (if limited) chords, as well as the use of guitar, cuatro, and double bass


Describe what Se quema la cumbambà is about

About an incident in the family's history where a piece of land caught fire


Describe what Alla vá candela is about

The song is concerned with the intense joys of love


Describe the performing forces and playing techniques in these set works

All male vocal group with pregón and coro;
Vocal setting is syllabic;
Cuatro plays short repeated pattern called guajeo, and also solos which are adventurous, covering a wide range with slides and chords, as well as individual notes;
Guitar plays a chordal accompaniment role, with syncopated block chords;
Double bass plays a line with only a small amount of notes, mostly from the dominant and tonic chords;
The percussion section is typical Latin America style, with improvised bongo rhythms, continuous maracas quavers, and clavé rhythms


Describe the structure of Se Quema la chumbambá

Four bar cuatro introduction. Often regular eight bar pregón and eight bar unvaried coro. Lengthy cuatro solo, ending with a bongo solo provides variety, before a coda like ending, based off of the Coro


Describe the structure of Alla vá candela

A bolero followed by a son