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uniform-delivered pricing

A type of geographic pricing policy in which all customers pay the same delivered price regardless of their location. A company allocates the total transportation cost among all customers.U

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1) A specialized product design and development process for developing a working model of a product. 2) A specialized system development process for performing a determination where user needs are extracted, presented, and developed by building a working model of the system. Generally, these tools make it possible to create all files and processing programs needed for a business application in a matter of days or hours for evaluation purposes.P

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shortage cost

The marginal profit that is lost when a customer orders an item that is not immediately available in stock.S

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excess issue

The removal from stock and assignment to a schedule of a quantity higher than the schedule quantity. Syn: overissue.E

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Baldrige lite

A state or company quality award program modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award but with a simplified application process.B

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run diagram

Syn: run chart.R

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accident prevention

The application of basic scientific

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planned start date

Syn: scheduled start date.P

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semipassive tag

An RFID tag that sends out data, is self-powered, and widens its range by harnessing power from the reader. See: radio frequency identification (RFID).S

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fixed order quantity

A lot-sizing technique in MRP or inventory management that will always cause planned or actual orders to be generated for a predetermined fixed quantity, or multiples thereof, if net requirements for the period exceed the fixed order quantity.F

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Verifying and documenting the order selection in terms of both product number and quantity.C

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support costs

In activity-based cost accounting, activity costs not directly related with producing a product, such as the cost of the information system.S

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cost equalization point (CEP)

A point or quantity at which the cost curves of two manufacturing methods have an equal value.C

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least total cost

A dynamic lot-sizing technique that calculates the order quantity by comparing the setup (or ordering) costs and the carrying cost for various lot sizes and selects the lot size where these costs are most nearly equal. See: discrete order quantity, dynamic lot sizing.L

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redundant component

A backup part of a machine or product.R

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operation/process yield

The ratio of usable output from a process, process stage, or operation to the input quantity, usually expressed as a percentage.O

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unplanned repair

Repair and replacement requirements that are unknown until remanufacturing teardown and inspection.U

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Abbreviation for overall equipment effectiveness.O

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critical ratio

A dispatching rule that calculates a priority index number by dividing the time to due date remaining by the expected elapsed time to finish the job. For example, critical ratio

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Abbreviation for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.S

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The function of following up on open orders before the scheduled delivery date, to ensure the timely delivery of materials in the specified quantity.P

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process flow production

A production approach with minimal interruptions in the actual processing in any one production run or between production runs of similar products. Queue time is virtually eliminated by integrating the movement of the product into the actual operation of the resource performing the work.P

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split-case order picking

A process for filling less-thanfull- case orders. This requires items to be picked from a case or other container.S

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JIT master schedule

Syn: level schedule (second definition).J

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import broker or sales agent

Purchasing agent who charges a fee for transactions but does not take the title of the goods.I

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tool number

The identification number assigned to reference and control a specific tool.T

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fault tree analysis

A logical approach to identify the probabilities and frequencies of events in a system that are most critical to uninterrupted and safe operation. This analysis may include failure mode effects analysis (determining the result of component failure interactions toward system safety) and techniques for human error prediction.F

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order preparation

All activities relating to the administration, picking, and packaging of individual customer or work orders.O

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six sigma quality

The six sigma approach is a set of concepts and practices that key on reducing variability in processes and reducing deficiencies in the product. Important elements are (1) Producing only 3.4 defects for every one million opportunities or operations; (2) Process improvement initiatives striving for six sigmalevel performance. Six sigma is a business process that permits organizations to improve bottom-line performance, creating and monitoring business activities to reduce waste and resource requirements while increasing customer satisfaction.S

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survey research

A form of research (frequently used in marketing research) where data are collected by mailing questionnaires to a group of people within a target audience. See: marketing research.S