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What is P-4? Also, what is the definition?

Knowledge, each employee of the company shall be provided access to this manual and shall be required to know and understand those sections which apply to the work being performed. Employees shall be subject at anytime to an examination on the contents which apply to their duties


What is P-6? Also, what is the definition?

Emergencies, in case of an emergency which may result in a serious personal injury, a supervisor, or employee in charge, may temporarily modify or suspend any of these rules as may be considered necessary to permit proper handling of the specific emergency. In any such case, the person so acting shall be fully accountable for the reasonableness of these actions and for any accident or service interruption resulting there from


What is P-11? Also, what is the definition?

Care in performance of duties,
A-each employee shall use reasonable care and performance of duties, and act in such a manner as to assure safety and health to themselves, their coworkers, and the public.
B-employees shall not engage in practical jokes, scuffling, β€œhorseplay”, or the urging of persons to take unnecessary chances.


What is P-13?

First aid, refer to APM manual for definition


What is P-20?

Tailboard, refer to book for definition.


Define PMOSTS?

Purpose of the job
My job
Others job
Supervisors manner of doing the job
Trouble spots and how to mitigate them
Status of line and equipment


Define STOP?



Define QVV?



What is section 100 of the APM manual?

General rules


What’s is GR 105? Also give a brief definition.

Clearances, before any employee starts work on de-energized equipment, apparatus, or lines for which clearances are required the employee shall either obtain a clearance or report to, and work under a qualified employee who holds a clearance. Clearances are required to work on de-energized generating station or substation apparatus or equipment which is normally energized above 600 Volts.


What is GR 108? Also give a brief definition.

Rubber gloves, when working with rubber gloves on overhead primary conductors or equipment energized in excess of 7,500 volts, insulate/isolate practices shall be used in accordance with the approved business unit procedures.


Can rubber gloves be used in lieu of applying personal grounds on de energized and ungrounded high voltage overhead conductors while working at ground level? True or false?

False, rubber gloves are not approved In lieu of grounds..etc GR 108 *note section


What is GR 109? Also give a brief definition.

Clothing and PPE, employees shall wear suitable clothing at all times to minimize work hazards and under any conditions as the supervisor in charge shall direct.


A garment of full length sleeves (rolled down and buttoned) shall be worn when working with:

1. Wood poles or cross arms
2. Hot or injurious liquids
3. Open flames or sparks
4. In proximity to exposed energized lines or equipment


What is GR 111? Also give a brief definition.

Sight protection, Approved I protection devices, including goggles, are provided on jobs that require eye protection. Such devices shelf it properly, be kept clean at all times, shall not be altered, and shall be worn when an employee is engaged in or in the vicinity of work involving:
Exposed energized lines
Welding or cutting
Hot or dangerous substances
Lights or heat rays
Riding off highway vehicles


What is GR 126?

Cranes, hoists, derricks, booms, and winches


What is GR 127?

Work area protection and traffic control, refer to APM for definition.


What is GR 134? Specifically what does subsection D refer to?

Portable ladders, subsection D states when using portable ladders to gain access to roofs, landings, underground structures, trenches, excavations, etc., the side rails shall extend a minimum distance of three feet above the point of support.