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What are the ground medium priorities?

1. Station Ground
2. 4-wire primary neutral
3. Steel structures
4. Anchor rods

* if none of the foregoing are available, an approved temporary ground rod shall be used. 1 ground rod @ 6' or two ground rods at 30" connected with a jumper*


Why do we ground?

Protect Workers from Hazards — Grounding is required for the protection of the worker when working on de-energized high-voltage lines or equipment. Use of personal grounds will minimize exposure associated with making contact with objects having hazardous difference of electrical potentials


What are the key steps in the grounding process?

• Conduct a thorough tailboard
• Determine grounding requirements
• Inspect grounds before use
• Clean ground connections
• Test conductors de-energized
• Apply proper grounds
• Remove grounds


What is the preferred method of overhead grounding?

Parallel and Balanced are the Preferred Grounding Schemes — With these preferred grounding schemes one or a maximum of two length(s) of grounds connect any two conductors that a worker might be in contact with. If the line is inadvertently energized, the generated exposure voltage to the worker could be less when a parallel or balanced grounding scheme is used compared to the unbalanced grounding scheme. Therefore, avoid use of the unbalanced grounding scheme for better protection whenever possible.