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Humanistic approach AO1

- Looks at individuals to understand behaviour as everyone is unique.
- People have free will and are active agents in determining their futures.
- Everyone needs to meet their full potential (self-actualisation).
- A hierarchy of needs has to be fulfilled to self-actualise, with the bottom of the hierarchy being biological needs. (Maslow)
- Distance between self concept (actual self) and ideal self has to be in congruency/close to each other, otherwise self esteem will be low and individual cannot self actualise. (Rogers)


Humanistic approach AO3

- Takes on a more positive approach and is optimistic.
- Less deterministic than the other approaches (e.g. psychodynamic and biological approach).
- Ignores biology and its influence on behaviour (e.g. testosterone).
- Ethnocentric ( biased towards Western culture)
- Unscientific theory as it takes on a more subjective approach and rejects objective methods.